Debut flight for Southwest virtual Airlines (KLAS-KTUS)

Waiting for the passengers to board and fuel to be loaded

Watching others takeoff as we wait for our turn

Lining up onto runway 26R

The most perfectly timed rotation of all time

Cruising at FL310

On final runway 11L at Tucson International Airport.

Safe and smooth touchdown!

Parked at gate A6 waiting for the passengers to deboard.

Thank you so much to Southwest Virtual for letting me into their Airline. I can’t wait for many more flights just like this one!


Amazing shots!

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Thank you!


glad to see tucson getting some love

nice shots!


Congratulations @Chaseelliottfan9WG on your first flight with Southwest Virtual.

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Thank you! Although it should’ve been Lima - Madrid lol

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Glad you flew to Tucson it’s VERY underrated and great photos

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Thank you. I feel that it should become 3D in the coming updates

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congrats, nice pics!

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