"Debating" Tower

I know what the tower says is definite and you have to listen to it but the confusion comes in hand when they differ from what the ground frequency is saying. at SFO ground told me to taxi to runaway 28R And contacts Tower. When I arrive I contacted Tower and they told me to cross runway 28R. Immediately thought maybe he missed spoke so I asked for a takeoff clearance again in which he threatened to ghost me. I followed his instructions and crossed the runway and then he cleared me for Runaway 28L. Is this normal? I couldn’t tell if I was in the wrong or if he was in the wrong. I’m assuming I am but just wanted to check. I didn’t like being threatened because I was listening to what ground told me

Can you tell me which server you were flying on when this occurred?

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I am assuming this did happen on expert server so best to contact the controller

It was on the expert server and like 5 minutes ago. I’m assuming I’m in the wrong because he is trained but just want to check

which airport?

Alright, contact the controller for clarification. You can check your replay file for this.

If the controller has remained active until now, it should be @TaipeiGuru

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I screenshotted his name when you click on the airport but how do I know he uses that same name in this community? maybe he has a different username

it was at SFO

Please see the controller tagged above :)


No bro, that’s the Seattle controller. Leave it to me please :)

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Can I have the name of the controller? I’d be happy to direct you to their IFC tag.

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No needed for you guys find why? Let the controller and OP.

@cleipelt was the last SFO controller. I assume he’s your guy. :)


Okay I’ll message him thank you very much guys I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this community and how fast it gets back


Yes it was me. I will get back to you as soon as I finish the session!


Normally I’d respond via PM but this was something I noticed occur with several different pilots during my session at SFO.

To make it simple: The runway the ground controller instructs you to taxi to does not always mean that is the runway you will depart from.

There were multiple occurrences tonight where I had arrivals stacked up on 28L, with few on 28R. To get departures out quicker, it made more sense to have some cross 28L and depart on 28R instead of waiting for a break in arrivals on 28L.

It’s not uncommon to see tower controller’s using this method at busy airports with parallel runways, both in Infinite Flight and in real life. Hope this clears up the confusion and feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.


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