Debate: Who would win, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, or F-16C Fighting Falcon?

It’s been a good minute since I’ve created another debate topic, however after seeing a VERY engaging-and aggressive if you ask me-YouTube comment war I’d like to pose a question to those reading…who would win? The United States Navy and their F/A-18E/F Super Hornet? Or maybe the United States Air Forces very own F-16C “Viper” Block 50/52?

For those of you are concerned, I’ll list some performance information of each aircraft below.

The F-16C Block 50/52

Currently in use with: The USAF and a majority of NATO
Thrust to weight ratio: greater than 1 when in a clean configuration (engine puts out more thrust per pound than the aircraft weighs)
Length: 49’5’’
Wingspan: 32’8’’
Maximum speed at sea level: Mach 1.2
Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 2 flat with a clean configuration (no weapon stores on wings)
Maximum G-load: +9Gs, assumed -3Gs
Radar type: Pulse Doppler; AN/APG-68(V)9
Armament: 1xM61 20mm Vulcan rotary cannon with 511 rounds and 11 hardpoints (2 used for sensors in a multimission combat scenario) for up to 17,000 pounds of ordinance
Load-out for this fight: 4xAIM-9X Sidewinders and 5xAIM-120D AMRAAMs

and in the blue corner (for this scenario it’ll be the Rhino)…

The Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet

Currently in use with: The United States Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force
Thrust to weight ratio: 0.76
Length: 60’1’’
Wingspan: 44’8’’
Maximum speed at sea level: assumed Mach 0.86
Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 1.8 flat with a clean configuration
Maximum G-load: +7.6Gs, assumed -2.6Gs
Radar type: AESA; APG-79 (latest Rhino block)
Armament: 1xM61 20mm Vulcan rotary cannon with 412 rounds and 11 hardpoints for up to 17,750 pounds of ordinance
Load-out for this fight: 4xAIM-9X Sidewinders, and 6xAIM-120D AMRAAMs

So if it were a fight where both aircraft started at 15,000 feet exactly, 3/4ths of their fuel remaining, and cruising at 500 MPH, who do you think would win? Of course pilot skill will be a great asset here, but each aircraft has some design bonuses to them. The Rhino has marvelous slow speed handling, able to go nearly 60 degrees up at close to landing speeds, while the Viper is built from the ground up as an aggressive, high speed, close-in fighter jet through and through.

I really want this debate to be between those of you who comment below, I’ll pop in every once in a while however :)


F/16 - it can go faster! 😂😂😂’

No honestly I have no idea!


Depends on the sortie. Air to Air- the Falcon as it it used for air to air being it is a smaller, more nimble jet. The F/A-18 is mainly to be used as a bombing aircraft with limited air to air capabilities being that the F/A-18 is used for Air to Air defensive capabilities for itself and not air superiority or air defense. The F-16 is used for Air enforcement in the US and is primarily designed to engage with enemy aircraft.


Not this kind of thread again… 😒


It’s not that bad…

See the debates already on 🤣


What’s wrong with this? I’ve done it before…I use this as a way to incite healthy debating between those in the IFC, nothing asinine happens as this is exactly what it’s called…a debate. However if you’d like to contribute feel free to! :)

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All (you don’t help us captain obvious 😒)! If MERICA want something, MERICA got it…

No, seriously, in the past, the navy want the F/A18, they got it. And finally, we got the F16 too. I think it will happen now too.

And the navy don’t like the F16, but all the aliance love the F16

F/A-18 because the Aussies operate it 😏

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It depends which pilot can eject the quickest…


Out of curiosity, what would ejection have to do with the actual fight?

Well, if they were going head on at each other I’d want to be out of the way, fast.

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Ohhhhh, lol I see ;)

Here’s a pilots perspective whose flown both :)

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Probably the F-16 since it was made to be quick and to be able to change speeds. Also, the F/A-18 is more ground attack first and looses energy in turns. BVR it could go either way IMO.

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F-16 Falcon but not sure F/A-18 may also win so 51/49

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If people play by these rules, than here’s a more complete list:

F-16C (Block 50/52 only):

-the EAF
-the FACh
-the HAF
-the IAF
-the IQAF
-the Pakistan Air Force (aka the PAF)
-the Philippines Air Force (also the PAF) (?)
-the RAFO
-the Romanian Air Force (possibly)
-the ROKAF
-the TNI-AU
-the TUAF

In addition to the USAF and RAAF, the following air forces may operate the FA-18E/F in the future:

-the BAF
-the FAF
-the Kuwait Air Force
-the Polish Air Force
-the RCAF
-the RDAF
-the RMAF
-the ROKAF

I think F16, it’s designed to be an air-to-air “warrior”.

What is the ‘BAF?’ British Air Force? If so it is called RAF

I’d say the P-8! In all seriousness, I don’t know fighter jets. 😂

Nope, it’s the Belgian Air Force.

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