Debate and proposal on the future of IF

Dear IFC Airmen

At few months of major updates like the A350, the 777, the C172 and many others. I would like to make a few comments on things that have been forgotten but are needed to make Infinite Flight THE MOBILE SIMULATION.

First of all I want to thank ALL the staff for their incredible work.
I’m on IF for 1 year, I was not there for the release of the global, but I saw things: TBM, 737 rework and live cockpit of the A10, XCub, Scenery and A320 family live cockpit .
That’s what people think directly by thinking about this wonderful update. Yet, I don’t just think about that!
Replay mode, HD screenshot, external sounds, smooth map transition, progressive taxi for ATC …

The progressive braking will come soon. It is in his small additions that I prefer IF

then, it’s in this sense that I propose some small additions

  • much smoother turning, as with the A340
  • Strobe and landing light specific to each airplane
  • New sounds for flaps and landing gear
  • Airbus voice for Airbus’s aircraft

These are the main additions that I hope

In this thread, let me know if you agree and what would be your small addition


PS: I don’t put it in #feature because it’s a debate more than a proposal

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Many of the small additions you’d like added have been requested in #features. Make sure to go vote for them here:

Smoother Autopilot Transitions

Aircraft Specific Strobes

Airbus Callouts


This is what we have #features for. You can discuss the individual requests separately in their topics.