Debate: Advanced Super Tomcat 21...should we have gone with it?

Hey guys, I haven’t done one of these in over a million years, but I felt like doing a new one now.

Should the United States Navy have went all the way to the endgame Tomcat? The Advanced Super Tomcat 21? Long story short, it would include many of the current 5th generation technologies we see today, field the largest AESA radar on any fighter aircraft for decades to come, and would have had the greatest range of any fighter aircraft in the modern era.

Thoughts, comments, questions, etc would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I hadn’t never heard of this, but it is now my favorite jet fighter of all time, even if it doesn’t exist. That is beautiful and should be revived into a new jet.

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We should have. Aside from being stealth, our new jets (F-35C) would be at 2 major disadvantages to this: Speed, and reliability (When I say that, I mean that if the F35’s one engine failed, the pilot would be doomed. Where as if 1 of the “F-28’s” engines failed, there would be another one to back it up.

2 is always better than one, but don’t forget that it would carry a larger payload than current naval aircraft alongside that intercontinental range it would have.

Definitely. I love the F-14. Just something about it looks so menacing

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i think they should have got cessna 172 trust me its the greatest and im going to make mexico pay for it i make the best deals.

A 5th generation f14 is definitely needed

It’d cost a fortune to try and restart the line for an upgraded F-14 now

.50 cal cessna > all

In my opinion I think it sucks that we went with the F-35 project instead of doing this. Then again what roll would it play exactly would be my next question. Imagine this on a larger scale to replace the Rockwell B1 Lancer. That’s be pretty cool.

Point and Point, douche XD

This would literally not exist without the F-35, I hope you know that

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