Death Valley to Travis AFB Military Training

Today in Expert Server I hopped in an F-18 from Edwards AFB and explored the desert. I refueled using a KC-10 tanker being flown by @Ethan_Brown . We later got into formation and made our way to Travis AFB. It was a fun flight, and a great way to refine my control skills.
Expert Server-Callsign Air Force 18Q

Cruising through Death Valley after leaving
Next 2 photos approaching and refueling with the KC-10

Next 3 Photos cruising over Fresno area on our way to Travis AFB in NorCal

Next 2 photos cruising into and approaching Travis AFB(KSUU)

On the ramp in Travis as the sun set
That’s it! Was a great flight with @Ethan_Brown , & a fun flight overall. Would definitely fly the route again.
P.S. If anyone wants to fly military formation, use the Tanker Refueling thread to announce or find tankers Refuelers || Tracking Thread


Thanks for refueling with me now I need you to pay the $700 Fuel bill 💵
This is a joke btw

$700 is cheap, I took a few thousand gallons, that should be about $50,000-$100,000 hahaha. Thank you for providing your services.

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