Death Star

Infinite Flight Needs A Death Star


Infinite Flight already has a wide range of different aircraft to choose from. We have airliners, fighter and attack aircraft, and small GA planes. One type of craft which is missing from Infinite Flight is a Death Star. Such a vehicle would be great for ultra long haul journeys. At full speed, it would be possible to travel between any two points on Earth in under a second. A Death Star would be an especially valuable tool for staff and moderators. The Death Star’s vast armament of weapons, ranging from ion cannons to the superlaser, would make dealing with trolls far easier than it currently is. Here are some stats:


  • Width: 200 kilometers

  • Engine unit(s): Ion engines

  • Power plant: Hypermatter reactor core

  • Shielding: Ground-projected deflector shield

  • Hull: Quadanium steel

  • Sensor systems: Equipped

  • Targeting systems: Equipped

  • Navigation system: Equipped

  • Armament:

    • Superlaser (1)
    • Heavy turbolasers (15,000)
    • Standard turbolasers (15,000)
    • Laser cannons (7,500)
    • Ion cannons (5,000)
  • Complement:

    • Thousands of TIE/ln space superiority starfighters
    • Shuttles
    • All Terrain Armored Transports
    • All Terrain Scout Transports
  • Docking bays: Many equatorial docking bays

  • Crew:

    • Estimates range from 1,186,295 to 1,206,293
      • Imperial Navy and Army (637,835)
  • Cargo handling systems: Over 1,000,000 kilotons

  • Consumables: 3 standard years

  • Life support: Equipped

  • Communication systems: Short and long-range communications

  • Other systems: Tractor beam emplacements (768)

This would be a fantastic addition to an already excellent simulator. If you’d like to see this implemented, please consider giving it a vote.

This is unrealistic and has nothing to do with what Infinite Flight strives for - realism