Death Penalty for plane spotting?

Apparently Thailand is cracking down on plane spotters. Stiff jail sentences or fines can be imposed as well as…yes, the death penalty! Seems a bit overboard, but have a look at the article below.


Sad countries would even consider this.


I wonder will this even be enforced? It’s ridiculous

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Seriously ridiculous.


What this is true that’s just rubbish

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Their reason is insanely stupid, “pilots could be distracted” they don’t get distracted at st maarten lmao


A fine ok. BUT DEATH PENALTY, excuse me that’s not ok. It’s just a photo 🙄


And they claim the beach will cause a distraction for pilots? Pilots have been landing there for years without incident. Could it really distract pilots?

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They call it a distraction that’s just rubbish


I can understand for safety reasons for tourist a fine, but yeah… Ganna say no to the death thing on this one.

If the pilot gets distracted on final why did they get hired… Pilots are trained to remove distractions.

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I mean these people have completely taken leave of their own senses

Exactly I mean they should be on the job at all costs I mean now they’re limiting freedom by death penalty for plane spotting

I mean jeez this makes my blood pressure go up

That’s kinda crazy you know… Now we can debate back and forth the pros and cons of the death penalty but for plane spotting, I don’t even see that as wide-spread harm.

If death penalty was used because someone… well here comes the gruesome deeds a human can do and should never do, but if someone were to rape, murder or torture someone, in those extreme psychopathic cases, one could be debated about possibly receiving death penalty but in the scenario of spotting planes, I don’t see anyone dying in a tragic and horrible way from it? I don’t see anyone’s life being put through a traumatic event, so the death penalty here is absurd.

Now before everyone goes haywire and hammer on Thailand and saying bad things about the country, you have to consider we have many fellow Thai users here, so no bad mouthing as much as this sounds awful. Also remember this quote “Violators allegedly will face harsh punishments, such as a fine of 40,000 baht ($1,253) or a jail sentence of up to 20 years, The Sun reported.

With the death penalty being the absolute maximum penalty you can face. I can not say for sure now, no one can, but I do believe that the death penalty will not be used as the number 1 penalty, the one you are as a tourist will face if you snap a picture. You more or less likely will be fined and let go with a warning of jail that could be next on the list for you.

Deth penalty, in this case, fits perfectly if someone were you do the extreme at night using some very strong flash that would cause distraction and security issues for the pilots inbound in the dark. Having bright flashing lights at them could make the landing dangerous. Yet I do not stand by this death penalty, but I assume it would be used in such extreme cases.


So you’re telling me that if I go plane spotting, and I get caught, I could die? That’s really dumb


The real question is why? Plane spotting is not a crime.

Only on one airport tho,
" Picture-obsessed tourists visiting Thailand’s Mai Khao beach might want to put their phones down — or they stand to face the death penalty.

Authorities are cracking down on visitors to the beach, which borders one of the country’s busiest airports, Phuket International Airport, after it has become popular with tourists looking to take snaps with low-flying planes."

It seems like they are only talking about the beach also, maybe any other part of the airport is fine?

Is this a joke or for real?

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That’s insane. I fine equal to about $200 would be about right, but death?! I don’t believe this is right. I’m guessing Thailand is, (not deservingly,) going to be hammered for the next week or so.