Dear Staff, Devs and IFC members

Think of IF as a restaurant. Say you go to eat at this restaurant, and you want to order a dish with sardines. However, you are one of the few people in town who likes sardines. Therefore, it wouldn’t be cost effective for the restaurant to have more than one, if any, dishes containing sardines. The restaurant would be better suited to having another dish more people would enjoy.

Now, I’m not saying people wouldn’t enjoy the suggested livery, however people are more likely to use and enjoy those of bigger airlines, in countries in which IF has more users.


1 Michelin Star for you.


That analogy was one of the better ones I’ve read regarding this. Nice one :)


Um sorry what? On the contrary, IndiGo is used quite often…

As for IFATC, I’m still waiting for several airports to be featured, namely Beijing-Daxing, which hasn’t been featured so far on the ATC schedule if I’m correct.


I think the main issue here is us, the users. As Tyler has explained, pilots love crowding the most popular airports, that’s why the likes of LAX had 300+ arrivals yet some other mega 777 hubs were deserted. This phenomenon replicates itself in the voting patterns where we see airlines like BA having most if not its entire fleet(though the 787-8 is absent) while airlines of a comparable size such as China Southern are hugely underrepresented. Don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate when a United livery is added especially the newer one and I’m glad that the devs try to bring in new under-voted liveries (e.g the Iraqi 777), but its up to the community to have a more broad outlook in this regard to have a more diverse selection.

Well, you’re incorrect…I feel as if Tyler does a great job in terms of variety…it’s just that when your unique airport is featured, it becomes a ghost town.


Adding to what my good friend @Thunderbolt said. IFATC has to accommodate both variety and traffic. For example previous features such as Algiers or New Orleans were a nice change but they were smaller airports that couldn’t handle the large traffic.

Here is my issue with this statement:

If we were to always just “appreciate” the liveries we have, the devs would never know what liveries we want.

Let’s take the ANA B77W as the example that your linked as well:

ANA is such a staple airlines that the community deemed it unnecessary to even vote for it because it was assumed that this staple livery would be added. No one complained about it or even took a second glance at it because it was assumed to come. But look where complacency and “appreciation” got us. We are notably missing the ANA 77W livery now.

Again, “appreciation” is, in opinion, synonymous with complacency to the liveries that the devs select.

Now I know that there are hardware and software constraints that also need to be taken account of and my argument is by no means encompassing all of these challenges. However, not voicing a complaint over livery diversification is not the answer to that!

Just my two cents, feel free to PM me if you’d like to discuss further 🙂

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There’s a #features category for a reason…

The answer is using #features…which as you mentioned, was “assumed” to be added, thus causing a lack of votes.

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Clearly #features is not working because regardless of the number votes, the devs still pick and choose which ones to add.

Again, not trying to argue extensively (although it appears the contrary), so I’m gonna end it here. I have delved into this too much in numerous other threads, so I’m stopping here. Those are just my two cents is all.

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Well, clearly the devs listen to the community.

Figure 1: Airbus A350XWB Family - 1195 votes

Figure 2: Vote for Infinite Flight's Next Aircraft! - Community Vote

Figure 3: Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER - Kuwait Community

Figure 4: Air India Boeing 777-300ER - Indian Community

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ANA 77W had less than 50 votes at the time when phase 1 was starting, which is not that much considering the 772 livery already existed and it wasn’t as popular as the others.

Honestly IDK what the devs actually look at. New AC 77W had a lot of votes, but the new 77L livery had like 6 votes (probably easier to redraw in this case though), but then there is the transparency issue that people who voted probably didn’t expect the old one to be removed.

This conversation seems to crop up quite a lot! I think it has to do with how much the community is growing, and at the end of the day demonstrates how diverse the community is. That being said, I appreciated Philippe’s response to my query on how liveries are selected and implemented. Not only was it informative, it also conveyed that the developers are always looking at ways to tweak livery management. Tyler said above how costly liveries are in the live environment on devices, and this plays a large part in debates such as this one.

Personally, now that I understand more of the process, I’m generally quite happy with the current livery selections. My only real critique then would be to not spend too much time on liveries with uncertain futures (Aer Lingus A350 as an example, or the United A350) I understand it may please some in the community, but if I may be straightforward it does hurt the developers’ argument. If we are all limited to a certain number of liveries, adding ones that do not exist (or will not for years) is counterproductive. I know that the A350 won’t be changed at this point because that will likely also tick off a number of people, but going forward removing liveries like the Transaero A380 and only including liveries that currently exist or will with certainty be delivered in the near future would help when discussions such as these arise.

Also I notice people comparing the 77L liveries to the 77W. While I understand the thought, I don’t think this is a good apples to apples comparison. The developers have to ensure that a certain variant has enough liveries on it to be attractive to fly, and, using the 77L as an example, most of those liveries existed on it previously. In short I would be surprised if the number of liveries on the 77L was the only and direct impact on how many liveries could appear on the 77W.


See, this guy gets it!

The #features category is a facade to make it look like the votes matter, when at the end of the day, the devs still end up picking at their will.

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Not true, the IFC members picked the 777 rework

If people really say that many people don’t fly these smaller Airlines, why in the damn world is there a Crystal 77L? I and many others haven’t even heard of it before they added it, there are quite a few other unpopular liveries that were added, when highly demanded ones could’ve been, Even Huge Airlines like Air China wasn’t added.

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Air China has 59 votes - Air India and Kuwait each had 150+

Air India and Kuwait aren’t my point, I had a vote on both, I’m an Indian who lives in Kuwait, getting to Crystal, it had 2 votes.

The 777-200LR and the 777-300ER are two different aircraft - hence, it’s really not a fair comparison considering the number of operators in the real world.