Dear Staff, Devs and IFC members

Not to discourage you reaching out privately, but I think the conversation can stay here for the part of the audience that might need it most.

I don’t believe this is an ATC issue. Take this week’s schedule as a great example… we’ll head to Africa and you’ll see significantly less traffic because pilots would prefer to go to the same airports (staffed or unstaffed) or they’ll end up at the usual suspects within the region (SBGR/FAOR).

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time piecing together schedules which steer us towards more unique locations. Each time results in less traffic, thus less controllers. The controllers don’t want to staff a facility that has no traffic where they’re stuck for an hour (IFATC staffing requirement) to watch the virtual grass grow.

I appreciate you raising concern and hope this can encourage a few readers to challenge themselves by choosing an aircraft, livery, and airport they wouldn’t normally select.

Also props to @Dan_77 for the great response! 🙂

EDIT: Here is a recent response regarding livery selection and internal decision making: