Dear Staff, Devs and IFC members

Dear IFC, Devs, Mods, Members and staff

I am here to ask a serious and genuine question. I am getting quite upset with the disregard of some airlines, regions. Please can a Dev or Staff member explain how Emirates, KLM and United made there way to the A350 but SAA didn’t South Aftican Airways operated the A350. But Emirates havent even got theres, KLM differed there orders, and United also havent gotten theres yet they have been added but SAA hasn’t even the Kenyan 777 hasn’t been added. Can someone please explain this. Next thing is Regions I get that the Devs, Staff have to cater to the North American Market and the European market but the neglect of some beautiful regions such as Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Congo, Siberia, Poland and alot more is getting quite sad and having them featured would be amazing a bush FNF in Central Africa a Russian Mountain fly pass in Russia and alot more. Please not I am not bashing the devs I love the A350, 777 I the sim they are great! But I am just sad and want to know why certain airlines get added but others dont and why alot of regions barely get featured. Please dont close this topic immediately and read me through I want to hear some community feedback and what the IFC thinks.

I am extremely grateful for this sim and the team behind it but would just like those questions answered.

Stay safe have a great day and enjoy the sim!
Average Gamer


There is always a high demand for liveries. You have to appreciate that many liveries are added due to costs and limited resources. I’m not saying that SAA is not a big airline, but in regards to it’s popularity compared to, say KLM, it doesn’t even come close. Do bear in mind that liveries can, and have, been added to the sim after an aircraft has been released. Just because it isn’t there now doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

Phillipe has an explanation here, please feel free to read.

In regards to the airports, it has been said before many times that IFATC have to look at opening up airports that can handle the vast numbers that choose to fly in on a regular basis. If an area doesn’t have enough large airports, it’s understandable that they may choose not to open it to allow pilots, and controllers, to have the most enjoyable and professional environment possible instead of 100 aircraft massively overpopulating a single airport. I might be wrong, I’m sure a member of IFATC can explain better. Many airports in less used areas aren’t big enough to fit the substantial numbers that would attend, and as Trio explains below, simply not popular enough.

With the FNF remember that is only once a week. There are lots and lots of places in the world yet to cover, the places you’ve mentioned could well be next!


Also, based on previous attempts, no one flies into the interesting areas. It’s the same airports for each region, any time Tyler tries to venture off of that we get way less traffic. No way to please everyone. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I understand you @Average_Gamer it’s not normal to put some livery they doesn’t exist yet and forgot some of they already exist, also Fidji Airways is not on the game and it’s not really cool. I understand you totally !


I get it but also there are big airports in those countries stated and alot more which can handle the traffic as with liveries I get it but maybe add some other liveries than just the most popular ones just get some variety it doesnt have to be every release maybe just like every 2 releases or so to make sure that they are fully working on the popular ones then the lesser ones towards the end

Thank you so much! It is nice to have someone like minded!


The more controllers we have, the more airports we’ll be able to control.



Yes, correct.
However, many times it’s not only based on size but popularity as mentioned. It’s no fun for us or anyone to have a 20 person FNF. We’ve tried it in the past and it hasn’t worked out.

I can understand why it might frustrate you, but you have to see that liveries currently are a very finite resource and not something that can be added by the hundred.

An example is the IndiGo A320, it was added to the sim and personally I have never seen a single person use this aircraft when flying online. But I see KLM and Lufthansa to name a few on a daily basis. The demand for these smaller liveries just simply isn’t there to the point that they aren’t used even on other aircraft. As we can only have so many at a time currently, it’s important the ones added are going to be used.

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I am a IFATC Specialist 👌 but I agree with you the more the better


Yes but the KLM A350 will never exist the SAA one has I get it but it will also please a smaller demographic


I don’t think you quite understand my point. Hey ho.

By the way, SAA doesn’t operate the A350 anymore, they were returned to Air Mauritius.

In regards to you already being IFATC, perhaps it might be better to take that point up in your dedicated slack, or perhaps message Tyler directly as he is the one overseeing the whole situation

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Yep I will try thanks though I am just frustrated about the liveries and places that aren’t loved


Yeah but when the A350 has been realese SAA have always the A350, there is no excuse for this.

There is nothing to say the places or the liveries aren’t loved just because they aren’t in the sim. You have to appreciate the fact that they simply aren’t as popular as the other big airlines. You, and myself, are just single individuals in a sea of more than 50,000 active users. IF needs to do it’s best to cater to everyone, but in the end there is no point adding something that only a handful of people will use when they can add something thousands will use.

In regards to the airport issue, trio has already explained this. They have tried before. Maybe look at organising your own event to get more people into these areas.

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I’ve seen plenty. Maybe cause you don’t fly in India


I have seen a big community flying in South Africa and kenya in the Generic liveries waiting and hoping for there livery that they voted for to come but hey if we have to cater to people

And also if people only think hey this could be fun we could have alot more diverse FNF’s and liveries but hey ho

yea and the fact that we don’t have an El Al 772 even after the rework annoys me a lot. Or that we have a 78X in those colors, but not the real-life 789

Okay I feel like I’m wasting my time at this point. People don’t think it’s fun, which is why it doesn’t happen.

As I said, maybe take it up with Tyler personally or look at hosting an event. It’s clear IFATC have tried before to bring traffic to these areas.