Dear Mods,

Please, before any of you mods close this, think about what I say: why don’t you guys just please give us a direct answer to the reason of you’re recent bans? They just want to know why they’re banned, isn’t that allowed to be disclosed? And please, if I have mistaken anything, you let me know. I will personally relay the banning info to them if it is disclosed, or if you can send to them or dm it to me that would be awesome. I’m not trying to pick a fight here guys, I’m just asking a simple question. And again, please just provide a loud and clear answer to my question. Thank you for answering in advance, good day.


What is it with these topics about mods


They are not answering our questions, and it’s starting to concern us all.


@Solgen People are disappointed and it needs to be brought up.


There has been a big upset lately. Many people have been banned, epecially the OGs being banned might have caused this. Oh well, I don’t wanna state my opinion in public, I don’t want to get on the bad side of anyone.


Recent bans?, give names of the users, give more detail. Even you dont seem to know. Did you even see the post that got them banned? And take this to PM with a mod rather then making another topic about this, thanks

I never noticed anyone got banned recently.

We will not disclose specific about why people were suspended, that is unfair to them. Please get in touch with them and they can give you their story.


@husbandspoke1 and @AmericanAirlines just to name a few for being in a discord server.

You do not want to see what has been going on in that server.

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Okay, thank you I suggest asking them for any reason as to why they may have been banned then ask a mod privately, this is the simplest way. Mods aren’t going to disclose things that aren’t need to know to us all so your best chance is a PM not a topic

Carson, though I understand what is going on, can I please tell @Chatta290 was is going on, from discord?

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Can you give us a hint? American was pretty active and husbando too.


This is exactly why I don’t get involved with these third party IF discord servers and such.

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He can’t tell you that.

I’ve seen it first hand @Carson, information that is public and online is not considered private.

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Ok, well thank you for responding at least, I’m not trying to pick a bone with anyone either so I apologize if I’m pushing it.