Dear Mods, Airport Reviewers, IFATC Supervisors/Recruiters/Trainers, or anyone with a high rank within IF:

A full commitment’s what we’re, thinking of

You guys clearly know that the IFVARB isnt gonna Accept that sort of thing.

Bruh the varb literally gave us up, let us down, and deserted us 100%

I’m actually not happy with them but it’s a long story and I know names of specific people that stopped our perfectly legitimate VA 😤

Why does the VARB even exist?

IFVARB and the VAs/VOs are the most hard working and dedicated groups of people in the entire community who do more work than anyone can imagine behind the scenes for very little reward. Very thankless job. Comments like this aren’t appreciated by anyone.


You weren’t even meant to know about it… 🙄

Do you care to explain why not?

This thread is to talk about volunteer positions within IF, do we really need to be talking bad about a certain party within IF?


No, we don’t need to. But here we are 🤷‍♂️

Eh, jokes aside, it sorta just popped up. It’s not really bad thing about the VARB, just a past experience that got brought up.

The comment above by Trio is one of the reasons, And i wont list anymore because I believe it is useless to waste my time on some forum with plane nerds arguing about a fake airline in a game even though i have alot to say. Also i dont like to go off-topic and/or personal.

…IFVARB not being thanked enough is the reason our VA isn’t allowed?

  1. You can PM
  2. Sorry for being off-topic, it just popped up I guess.

Didn’t say anything about how hard they work, but I do appreciate them

It’s mostly a joke but it’s a respectful way of bringing up the fact that they disallowed a perfectly legitimate and professional VA based on their personal opinions of what might happen. It was completely subjective and unfair. Think it’ll fail in a month? Let us deal with it, it doesn’t affect you.

Thanks I guess? There, you got your thanks. You got the whole squad clapping now.


Looks good on a resume and also could build a more ideal work environment attitude and length of respect you may give to someone for things they do. It comes down to having the fun with it rather than making it a legitimate job. It is a simulator after all and no one even staff can be tasked with doing too much without questioning the legitimacy of the time they are spending on it. So being board or having lots of time on your hands can make it more beneficial than not doing anything.

If I am being honest. The amount of work some of these people do for the enjoyment of others like @Tyler_Shelton and @CaptainZac (Sorry for the tag) is so heart warming to see the dedication and willingness to help others with things they enjoy doing and have time to do it.


Because yours or your friend’s idea did not pass through the next stage, it does not mean we gave up or disappointed anyone.

I am really sad hearing all those things from you and I start to believe that the creation of this topic and the discussion about IFVARB was intentional.

Although I replied to all of 7 messages, that you and your friends immediately sent when our decision was made known, you don’t seem to understand my team’s hard work approving VAs and VOs daily and making sure the virtual world is safe and professional.

Because I am always all for letting people share their point of view, next time you mention something about IFVARB, why don’t you publicly share the so called professional based idea that we declined? Would be nice to see if the community believes that the VO you wanted to create would not be marked as troll or if it had real potentials, like IFAE, etc… 🙂


I was one of the lucky few who had the chance to witness this idea in the making. Based on the current assortment of Virtual Airlines within Infinite Flight, I can say that this idea would bring something entirely new to the table as the former CEO of a virtual airline. I’d venture to say that it would even play a part in bringing the IFC together forever.

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It really wasn’t, we’re not that sneaky.

Well, here are a few reasons why.
People on this community would much rather join an argument on your side than ours, you know, due to your “status”. This probably because they don’t to argue with a high-ranked person within IF and also they probably think it will make them look good.

Secondly, if its not going to change your decision, whats the point?

And yes, you are right. I genuinely don’t understand why my idea isn’t allowed - that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the VARB.

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This is not an argument. 🙂

I am still positive about it :)

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I would, if I knew there was a chance you would change your opinion.

Give me a good reason why I should?

I can assure you that being an active IFATC Trainer requires a lot of time. It’s easy to say that from your perspective and I fully understand, though there’s a ton of work behind the scenes. Such as preparing sessions, coordinating them and gathering feedback for the trainee.

For example, last winter I had around 8 trainees and I remember waking up at 9am and finishing the training work at around 6pm (with an hour lunch break).

Needless to say that this varies from trainer to trainer, though it requires more time than you think.

This was my schedule for December and January, for example:


I agree, being a trainer is in my opinion one of the most time consuming parts in IF. Even though I’m not a trainer myself. But I can definitely tell and your schedule shows: it’s a lot of work. Thanks a ton. I’ll not ping all of the trainers here ;)


I appreciate the dedication you put into being a trainer. My local training experience with you was amazing <3


Truly sounds like a lot of work, many appreciate your dedication! But yeah, I realize that it depends on the trainer for how many trainees they’re willing to take.


Absolutely, and this is nothing lol. Taipei and Nico once had like 15 trainees