Dear Moderators

I hope you all had a awesome day :D
Now to my Problem:
Yesterday on the 15.03. i flew with my 777-200ER from VTBS to KLAX, and after around 11 Hours of flying the Plane just dropped out of the Sky for no Reason. I cant really tell if my autopilot just turned of or what happend. At the moment it happend i wasnt looking at my tablet. Because how looks 14 hours straight to his tablet in the middle of the pacific ocean :P
The thing is the Plane crashed straight into the Water and i got 6 Violation´s from this. So my question is, is it possible that you can remove those.
I dont know the Reason i had like 4 hours of extra fuel still (When i would landed) and i wasnt even looking or touching my tablet (Its an Ipad pro dont know if there is an known issue ?)

I will upload a screenshot in the comments from my flight log :=)

Thanks for your help already and have an awesome day <3

Julian :)

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Violations cannot be removed. Make sure you pay attention next time. :)


Same thing happened to me

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So you wanna tell me that you looking 14 hours straight to your device ?
I hope this a joke because why should it be, is it my fault if the game just got a bug? (What can happen)
But then it should not be my bad


Do on casual server you won’t get violations or make sure you have enough fuel and going realistic speeds and altitudes

If you overspeed, its a collection of your and the games fault, noone wants to spend 14 hours looking at their phone, however, if its your fault, it can’t be removed

36.00 feet, speed .85 m. and more then 4 hours of extra fuel. What can i do :D ?
Did i do anything wrong there :?


As there have been no reported issues whatsoever with 772 that could have caused this, the only logical conclusion is that your device failed in some way or someone turned off the AP.

With over 1500hrs of flying, i have never encountered an issue such as this. And I can’t say any of my fellow moderators have either.

If you would be so kind and provide your callsign or display name for that flight, i can however take a look at what data was sent through the API and perhaps determine what happened.

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Did you do step climb or make sure nothing was ubstructing the device like a head phone that should knock it off accedently

My Callsign was TVA14.
I live on my own so noone thouched it i hope, because then i would be scared :P


Thanks! I closed this to avoid further clutter. I’ll get back to you when i have checked it out.

@anon77822248 - what was your display name? I can’t find anything on that callsign.

Worst case, it could be that it’s been too long and then i can’t take a look.

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Where do i find this name :D ?

It’s the name you see on the top right corner of the app before launching a flight

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Am i wrong ?

That was odd.
Tap the information in the top right corner.

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Ok :)?

Erhm, what the heck? You don’t have a display name…

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