Dear infinite flight

Dear infinite flight,

This is a message that I and I have seen couple other people say and complain about which is the fact that you guys have added some very not important or very small airport in a large amount and didn’t foce on some bigger more important or like adding a airport in Yemen that burly gets any attraction from any aviation sector. now most of the airports are very nice and I know that you guys are working on bigger more important airport but stuff like schipol airport, frankfurt, Hong Kong should have been added since the first version of 3d buildings or even a medium size airport like Vienna or Budapest are more important then airports like the one in Yemen which most people don’t even know. But I hope you guys know that you’re doing an amazing job at making them and we all hope to see more and next time maybe bigger airports.

Keep up the amazing work ❤


All choices are made for a reason, and those airports will get buildings eventually. They’re not forgotten :)

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I would have to find the answer to question, however, someone asked why no DOH or AUH, and it was quite simply answered. Satellite imagery isn’t updating all the time. And as @Aviation108 said

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Adding on, the reason they added an airport in Yemen is to increase diversity.

Doing this encourages traffic in a region rarely known about, which is all what Infinite Flight is about, exploring the world.

They do this so you get out of your comfort zone and find new places, along with supporting the very few, small fan bases in the ME.

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There is nothing to say that any one airport is “not important”.

There are lots of large scale airports across the globe that haven’t been added yet, be they in the US, UK, Europe or any Asian countries. The plan is for every airport to get buildings in the future, and just because they don’t have them now doesn’t mean they won’t get them

I would assume there is a process behind the selection of airports, and I’m sure the staff have their reasons behind some being added and some not.

Adding onto this, perhaps the airports don’t receive much traffic, but by adding them into infinite flight, they are receiving some much deserved traffic in the simulator. Look at TNCM and how busy it has become. It’s fantastic to see, and the same is true for many of the smaller airports in this update receiving traction and popularity they wouldn’t otherwise see. It’s encouraging people to explore.

Remember we got 27 new airports this update. The team is moving at a remarkable pace, and we surely will be getting more airports soon


I honestly agree, why on earth did we need 5 Tahitian airports that have never seen traffic (aside from me and @Aviation108 lol), when we could have seen bigger airports like ORD, HGK, etc…


Because Tahiti is Tahiti, and Tahiti is amazing


Now they do see traffic :)

All good things come in due course.


That’s just human nature to see something you’ve never seen. It will have traffic now, but then after more well known airports are added it will just return to normal (minimal traffic)…

Why not add the airports people actually fly to?

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We are working on all types of airport across the entire world and will continue to pursue this strategy moving forward.