Dear infinite flight

I was really hoping you guys can take a break from Boeing and airbus in infinite flight. image Please start making more livery’s for the E-jets please. All the E-jets have only 4 livery’s on them.


The developers will eventually get round to the Embraer aircraft but unfortunately the majority of the community prefer the larger Airbus and Boeing aircraft. That’s just the way it is I’m afraid.


You can always vote for Ejet liveries in #features, use the search bar and vote!

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Yes maybe your right. Let’s hope they will see my message.

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I’m hoping the E-jets are included to get their textures reworked like the A380 and C208.


The Ejets badly need a rework. Unfortunately the community seems to prefer wide body aircraft instead of narrowbody regional jets. Go vote for the Ejet rework linked below!

You can show your support for various Embraer aircraft in the #features category. I have linked a few for your reading pleasure.

Yea i think teh IF Community needs to give more attention to the Embraer’s planes, but i think this will be much more better with the EmBrAeR ReWoRk

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LoL we had posted the same things at the same time

it’d be great if there were more smaller plane/GA manufactuers in Infinite Flight, I think the simulator needs way more of these companies’ plane, Embraer, Bombardier, ATR, etc…

Sadly it is what it is even with the likes of the ATR came second place during the 777 poll it seems they rather listen to the vast majority of people who want larger long haul aircraft as opposed to smaller or medium reworked.

But this isn’t the devs fault this is mainly a community issue as the community need to step out of there comfort and find something different


Lots of great info above. Thanks all!