Dear infinite flight dev team

This is a list of suggestions you people can use. I love this game and want it to be even better than it already is.
Improve cockpit of bombardier crj200 and Boeing C-17: it’s what frustrated me the most when I first got Infinite Flight, the C-17 doesn’t even have a cockpit, and the crj200 cockpit looks like it was made out of paper. I want the crj200 to do a route that I like but I just can’t stand that cockpit.

Add animated parts for planes that don’t have animated parts: there’s only two planes that have this problem, the f/a18 and the C-17. Its something that I thought would only be a problem during the beta, but it’s still a problem for these two planes. Its so weird when I takeoff and put the gear up, it just is suddenly up. Same with the c-17

More liverys for the bombardier crj200: as I said earlier, I like the crj200. I want to do more flights for it in different countries and in different airlines. I suggest adding delta connection, American Eagle, Air Canada Express, the new United Express livery, Lufthansa Regional, and compass airlines.

Add taxi way lights: I can’t see where I am going at night, but all I’d need is a basic taxi way lights and I’ll be good

This one is more a question then a suggestion. Why is there no buildings? I kind of wish there was a terminals and famous structures like the Golden gate bridge. Anyway, that’s all the suggestion I have. I hope everyone has a good day

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His trust level is not high enough. Don’t be too harsh on him plz.

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Please wait until you are a member then you can request features.


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