Dear france

A written letter from me to you.

I request you ever so dearly help me get my
Bags back, they’ve been in your country for 3 days and probably more! I apologize for that one guys grandma talking to your fellow comrades. I would appreciate it if we could talk things out? I’m on my way for some press talks in Bordeaux. Thanks.

With regards,


The French make me cry

Please give my bags back

At the place my bags went MIA get it? :(


Wow great pics man!

France, I have all your baguettes thanks to the leaked coordinates in the last topic, so give this man his bags or else the baguettes get thrown off Miami Beach into the ocean!

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Bonjour M. Icey, nous répondons concernant vos sacs, nous les avons à Nice, et les retenons en otage jusqu’à ce que vous nous rendiez nos baguettes, en ce qui concerne Louis Laporte

In English

Hello Mr. Icey, we are replying regarding your bags, we have them in Nice, and holding them hostage until you give us back our baguettes, with regards

Louis Laporte