Dear Fellow Pilots...Part 2

Dear Fellow Pilots,

Recently, there have been many topics on the IFC regarding unprofessionalism on the Expert Server. If you are one of the pilots participating in this behavior, please…STOP! I’m no moderator, but I too dislike seeing Expert Server’s quality declining. Please take this message into serious consideration, as there are good chances of some pilots watching your actions at an airport. Thanks, and have a great day!



I argued with this but sadly almost all the pilots doing this behavior are identifier pilots maybe ifc should make a ifc community expert server so that the behavior in that server could be reported and there would be a lot less trolls in that kind of server:) or if they like to troll they could go to casual with a fighter(Aka my profile pic😂)


Just throwing my penny into the well, pilots can grind Grade 3 over the course of an afternoon if they wanted to, and then think they can troll about. Once on the expert server, I was even crashed into by a Vistara 789. I therefore think the expert server needs a bit of a ‘rework’. There should be harsher requirements to get in such as a test maybe like IFATC. However, I am a grade 3 and try to exercise upmost realism, even when on the casual server.

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Thanks for weighing in, it’s best to keep the conversation going in one of the existing topics.