Dear Emirates Pilot

next time when you see that an aircraft is crossing an active runway after getting the clearance by ATC ( it was on Expert ) think about if it makes sense to accelerate from 18kts to 31kts just to make it impossible for this aircraft to vacate the runway and therefore blocking it , causing the next aircraft waiting for take off to hold position and also maybe causing the aircraft on final to go around causing all the extra work for the controllers. Next time just slow down and let the aircraft vacate the runway. I know you sit in an A380 but also an A380 doesn’t have a built in “ I am always first” software. And finally, use the correct taxiway. The taxiway closest to the runway should be available for aircraft vacating the same.



What server was this?

I have experienced this before. On Expert. Very annoying.


It was on Expert.

I think that it’s unfortunate that it happened, but this is one of the reasons why ES needs to be improved. Pilots A), don’t know that it’s wrong, or B), simply don’t care. In this case, a possible course of action might be to find the user on the IFC (if he has an account) and then let him know what he did wrong and how to improve in the future.




Expert server isn’t the Expert server as it used to be nowadays. 😢
Some pilots don’t have the brains to even think about this scenario and don’t care about other traffic. Especially when there’s no ATC around to control the airplanes it may become ridiculous. Unfortunately this happens once a while and you got to deal with these less experienced pilots of which I know is totally annoying.


It happens every time… you see it also when they taxi to the runway for take off… you see pilots waiting in line but leaving a gap to the aircraft in front to not block an intersection…and there it goes, the next pilot in a hurry just is filling this gap.

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This happens on Expert, very annoying, got ghosted because I couldn’t avoid one in time, he was waiting on the taxiway.

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Thanks for the insight.