Dear Developer

Hi developer
I want to ask. Don’t you plan to reduce the size in IF games?
I am using android device with 32GB internal memory but IF game size is more than 10GB :(

Do you have no plans to change the game size to 5/6 GB only?

You can just delete the app and download it again

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@Bndoetyt.aviators I don’t believe that it is that easy having realistic planes, simulation and global.

Deleting replays helps to reduce storage space. The app itself is not very large, but the scenery, aircraft and replays are what’s making it 10gb. Clear Scenery Cache, delete replays, and if the doesn’t help - re download the app.

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I think maybe it’s difficult. You know, IF have lots of very realistic planes.
It’s not easy to make IF smaller. Maybe u should consider changing your cell phone.

I have deleted and downloaded again but the size is the same 10Gb more :(

Are your IF games over 10Gb?
I’ve deleted reruns.
Please solve it, man :)

Yes, I know that realistic games are mostly 5Gb game sizes
But it’s 10gb more and I don’t blame the developer …
Maybe I should change the device to high-end

Well IF will take lots of storage but that’s not their fault because it is global and new aircraft and much more

IF is 16gb for me. Running an entire planet of scenery and replays and aircraft takes up a significant amount of storage and should be expected.

If you use an iPad with a large memory it is not a problem, but if an Android with a game of that size will definitely lagging and not too stable :(

Thanks bro for the reply
Perhaps the only way is to replace the device with a very large internal memory :)

You don’t have to do this on android

If you are desperate for space, you can delete all data and have a freshly new game. You will have to log in and download scenery and planes again. Like the first time

Ps: it’s via settings - applications - Infinite Flight - Delete Data

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Maybe u can try to delete IF and redownload it. Also u can go to “setting” page use “clear scenery ache” every time u finish flight.
If those all can’t help u. change your phone is a simple way

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Once again, you don’t need to delete the app completely on android

Yes, the only way is to replace the device with a large memory

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