Dear Community - A Year comes to an End

Dear Community,

The weekend before Christmas. Just like the last three years, it’s time for my annual Holiday greetings. Fourth time; doesn’t feel like it. In 2018, I talked about some random thoughts I had just before Christmas. It wasn’t the best post I ever made, but it started this series. In 2019, I talked about the new decade ahead. I talked about how many things can change in ten years, and I was looking forward to the next decade, not knowing what would come just a few weeks later. That is what I talked about in 2020: Our lives in the pandemic, that we were able to experience some good moments despite all the suffering. I also spoke about the tensions we were experiencing on the IFC back then and how we shouldn’t forget that a human is behind each profile picture. Now, it’s 2021.

We have had an extraordinary year. The pandemic still has us firmly in its grip, in some places more, in others less. Some of us may already be living our lives as we did before the pandemic; for others, this is not yet possible. Many countries are still struggling with high hospital occupancy rates and skyrocketing case numbers. It is essential to remind ourselves that we are all dealing with the pandemic differently. For some of us, it is easier to cope with this extraordinary situation. For others, it isn’t easy. For two years now, we have been accompanied by a lot of uncertainty. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed from time to time. It’s okay to be worried. It’s okay to ask for help. I would also like to express my gratitude once again this year to all those who still do their work so selflessly and with the utmost effort in hospitals, emergency services, nursing homes, and everywhere else. I had the opportunity to do a social internship in a home for the elderly for two weeks this year and saw firsthand what incredible work these people do every day. It is work that deserves, in my opinion, our utmost respect.

Despite the pandemic, however, there were some beautiful moments again this year: I am thinking of relaxed travel regulations, which have allowed us to see our families and friends again in other countries and on different continents, which we haven’t seen for almost two years. I am thinking of the achievements that many of us have made this year, be it a school degree, a new job, a pilot’s license, or getting a scholarship. And even though we, unfortunately, didn’t get to see any personal Infinite Flight Meet-Ups in 2021, I look back positively on the past year here on the IFC - especially with 2020 in mind. 2020 was not an easy year here on the IFC. Political tensions have not spared us either. The discourse often became aggressive; many moments were not peaceful. Luckily, we overcame this phase of last year: Infinite Flight celebrated its 10th anniversary, 3D airports found their way into the simulator, new aircraft and features allowed us to get to know the simulator and the community in a new way. Infinite Flight and the team of moderators also continued to grow. @KaiM and @AviatorDan joined the staff team, and @Drummer and @Balloonchaser joined the moderators. I look forward to seeing if this list expands in 2022 as well. Virtually all Infinite Flight team members and moderators were once regular community members. I believe that this is precisely what sets our community apart: We arrive here, contribute, learn new things, evolve, and take on new responsibilities.

For those of us who may not be doing so well now, be it for mental health reasons, the loss of a family member, or anything else: I wish you much strength for these days and hope you can find some joy again next year. I wish only the best to all of us: good health, fortune, and well-being. I wish us all for the coming year many great moments and memories, love, happiness, fun, and joy. And just as last year: I look forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for us. And I am looking forward to the weekend before Christmas in 2022, when I’ll be looking back on the year, and I am curious to see what there will be to report. I hope that one year from now, in my 2022 Holiday greetings, the pandemic will no longer have to take up such a large part.

Do you have New Year’s resolutions for 2022? Mine is that I want to learn new things, gain new experiences, discover new things: I want to learn how to code. If the pandemic allows it, I would also like to travel more. Share your stories below!

For now: Take care of yourself, take care of each other. And stay safe! Happy holidays!


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Beautifully written, Marc. Here’s to what has been an awesome 2021! 🥂


Well done! Some punctuation and passive voice issues present throughout the write up, but who cares lol. Great job.


Cherish the memories and keep looking for the new. This year has truly been like none other. Despite having to face newfound hardships, I commend this community for staying united through these difficult times and providing support for each other. It’s truly a privilege to be a member here.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays! 🥂


Just like for many other users on the IFC, English isn’t my first language after all! But that’s another reason why I like it here; it’s a place where many different cultures come together with one common passion ✈️🗺


This is the IFC, I don’t think anyone cares about grammatical accuracy lol! That’s just the Writing Tutor in me coming out, and it just happens sometimes. ;) I’m not perfect either, and I’ve been speaking english my entire life!


Could not have been said any better. College did put out some of my flying time, but I can already tell it’s been an awesome year, and I thank everyone who has made it that way.


Well said Marc! 👏👏

Love this topic and it will definitely help users like me who are struggling in life during these difficult times.


Thanks for sharing this beautiful text with us!
I’ll agree with you and wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy new Year! ✈️

Stay safe Marc!

-Greetings from Germany.

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This is wonderfully written Marc. Made my day, truly. Thank you.

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Beautifully written Marc. Thank you for everything you do for the community

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Really well said Marc. I remember the topic that you wrote in 2020 and how moving it was for me. I absolutely loved reading this and can’t wait for the next one. Here’s to 2022! 🥂

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Greatly written! 2021 has been a better year than last and hope for the best in 2022 😁

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Same as the other year, perfectly written! I’m looking forward to the 2022 one haha. It was a wonderful year here on Infinite Flight!

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This was written beautifully!

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One year to go 😂 But if time goes by as fast as it did this year… I always start writing these posts around the beginning of December, and as the month goes on, I add things or change stuff. At the beginning of December, I just thought to myself “wait, you just wrote a post didn’t you?”.

My theory is that when you do fewer things, time feels much faster simply because the anchor points like special experiences (vacations, events, …) are missing. And when you can only travel very little for two years and are also otherwise limited in everyday life by restrictions and personal caution, then many days just really look very similar, so the time feels faster in retrospect.

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Yeah exactly, you said all. And yeah, one year to go hope it will not going to fast, plenty of things to do during the 2022 year!

Another tough year but we’ve pulled through and seen some great things here at Infinite Flight and in the real world! Although life is still not “normal” I hope in the next year things do get back to normal!

I myself have found it hard, my whole social life has been completely ruined for 2 years and it’s much harder to use my social skills properly because we’ve been locked up for so long. Now, with the omicron variant taking the world by another wave. I can see another lockdown.

Now, I’ll end this message with a quote for anyone finding things tough. This quote has kept me going with my head high and I hope it motivates others:

“Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can.” - Becca Fitzpatrick

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🥂

Finish school! I am in my last year of school and my finals are nearing. My goal is to get the best average I can manage.

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Dear Infinite Flight Community, my name is Christopher Kite and a new member of this blog and user of Infinite Flight Pro and a monthly subscriber. I find the game very fun, enjoyable, exciting to travel to different cities within the simulation and realism of the scenery from all over the world is wonderful. I also appreciate the many choices of airbus and general aviation aircraft found in the pro version. My favorite airbus model is the a330-300. General aviation aircraft is the Cessna 172. The live weather is useful for flight planning and following a path via departure procedures, Way points and approach and arrival.

My goals for flights in the new year are the following: ksfo-Kjfk klax-kphx kdfw to Ktal Kiah to ksmp and Ksea to Mexico City. Some of the other possibilities for flight plans are Vancouver to Toronto Toronto to Rio Lima to Miami and New York to Rome