Dear Community, a few words.

Dear Community,

I haven’t been online much in the last couple weeks. Some personal things I’ve been dealing with for a long time have come up again. Well anyway that’s not what I want to talk about here. I have a few things on my mind I want to share with you guys. Nothing about Infinite Flight. Nothing about aviation. Just a few words to this community. Our community.

The final countdown. 2018 is almost over. What a year. A lot of things happened, a lot of things changed, and a lot remains the same.

It’s these special days right before Christmas when you realize how fast the time passed. You think about what you experienced during the past year. You think about what you did right, what you did wrong or what you didn’t do. You think about where you stand in your life. You think about yourself. You think about your family. You think about the people you have or have not in your life. You think about what you have, about what you wish, about what you hope. It’s an interesting time.

Let’s face it, the days before christmas aren’t much different if you think about it. Just normal days in our calender. You go to school, you go to work. You live your daily life. Nothing special, and yet something is different. I’m not a big believer myself. It has been a while since I went to church. And still, Christmas is a time that has a certian effect on me. I try to rethink, I try to get a moment of quiet.

And maybe some of you do the same. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you don’t even celebrate. Each and every one of us is different. We grew up differently. We were educated differently. We live all around the globe, we know different cultures, some of us might be wealthy, some of us are not. Some of us are happy, some of us are not. Some of us are where they want to be, some of us are still looking. But despite all those differences, at the end we’re all the same. We’re all humans. And even though there are so many conflicts around the globe there are communities like ours that proof that it can also work differently. A place where people from all around the globe join together because they share a common interest.

I want to say two things:

  1. Whoever you are, where ever you live: I wish you some happy holidays, a happy end for 2018 and a great start for 2019. For those who have to work and therefore are not able to spend Christmas or New Years Eve with the people they love, be you a police officer, soldier, nurse, power plant operator, taxi driver, pilot, ATC officer, firefighter, … : Thank you for your service. I hope you get to spend a few quiet moments anyway. For those in hospitals: I can only imagine that it must be hard spending these days in a hospital. I hope you get to enjoy a few days of peace and quite anyway. Get well soon. And for those who are struggling with their mental health. You’re not alone with this. It’s okay not to be okay. You’re not worth less just because who you are. I know, sometimes it’s hard to believe that, but it’s the truth. You’re not alone. And to each and every one: Merry Christmas.

  2. This post is off-topic. This post is not moderator approved. So if it gets closed and you’ve read this far anyway: Read “1.” again. Better to end on a good note.

Dear Community: Thank you. Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year.



That picture is just amazing! <3


Well deck the halls with a great picture fa la la la la la la


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, Marc! Thank you for sharing this.


Merry Christmas to you too! I won’t keep this long, but these lines above personally touched my heart. Many of you know that these past few months have been extremely difficult for me and things have improved greatly. I plan to spend my holidays with my loved ones and all of you should too. If you are not able to be with a loved one this holiday season, call somebody you love or even you are close with, because you are not alone. There will always be at least one person in the world who loves you. So, take advantage of that this holiday season! Fantastic post Mark!


Wow Mark, this is really inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us! I have been dealing with some of the stuff that you talked about, and as I’m sitting and reading this, it really did something in my heart. I hope everybody has a great Christmas :) so thankful for this community!


That right there folks, that’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, and will continue to do in the future. It’s the things that went wrong, totally off, something that should’ve been avoided at all cost but I still did it and I don’t know why, neither do you why you made those mistakes, those faults you carry around.

Doing wrong, basic or advanced mistakes, fails, they are what makes you grow, they are what helps you stand on your feet, that pushes you a step forward to be more of yourself, to dare to do what you’ve never done before.

The Year is ending, it’s truly been a amazing year, time really does pass by faster than what most of us expect it to do. I still remember, as the fireworks died down on night of January 1st, 2018, that I thought to myself…, “Well that’s that, a new year, that will pass by the blink of an eye, let’s make each and everyday count”.

For this year (2018), I set up a lot of new goals and rules that I must achieve and go by, and I for once have after countless days, weeks and months, after ding wrong over and over, managed to create a path, a life that I’m truly happy about living. I have so far made decisions that at first glance looked horrible to make but has turned out to be one of the best. I have changed people life more than what I ever had imagined I would’ve done. Spread happiness and shared laughter with friends, family and relatives, and strangers on the bus, train, while strolling around city, when out shopping, with the cashier, with my dentist, the barber…, with so many I have shared memories and smiles that has made both mine and their day. Every day I go to school the Bus driver, I say Hi to, they smile back and do the same. Takes me to and from school. I’m truly grateful for all that I’ve achieved so far, and so much I have to give and get next year.

Now New Year doesn’t mean, Imma wait till next year before making changes. The change begins here and now, with me, no more waiting, each day is a new blessing, that you can get another chance to make things right again, better than it was. To have the opportunity to strive and be like no other. And as for those faults you have, don’t worry, no one is perfect but there’s the catch, you can always, and I mean always try t be the best you can, that’s what I call being perfect, to be your 100%, not drop a single percentage along the way. Even the days are dark and difficult, so much can go down the drain in 365 (366, leap year) days, but if you can, if are able to, then raise you heads, let the tears run off, and keep going forward with a smile knowing that your life will take many more turns, both bad and good, and that there’s always a future waiting ahead of you.

I Do Wrong, I Will Always Do Wrong, But I’m Proud Of Having Flaws, Because I Can One Day Tell My Story Of Growing Stronger And Not Falling Apart! 🙌

I Pray, Work & Live For A Better Future, For Everyone On Earth, No Matter The Circumstances, No Matter Who And What You’ve Done, Everyone Deserves More Than Second Chances 🤲



Merry Christmas, Marc and all of IFC!

2018 has been a really interesting year for me. Full of excitements, goods, bads, and horribles. From when I got regular to losing it to my IFC friend @GolferRyan being banned to my favorite update, 18.6, 2018 has been overall a good year.

I enjoy being on this community everyday and I hope to continue that trend in the future.



You know, before I posted this I was thinking whether I actually should do it or not. I wasn’t sure if something like this would belong here or not. As you may have seen it between the lines, I‘m struggling with a not so easy time as well at the moment. I’m not writing this because I’m looking for attention. I was just thinking, that maybe it’s to personal. I decided to post it anyway in the end because I thought that I should stop questioning everything I do. And reading all your answers made me smile, especially yours @Plane-Train-TV. Thanks to all of you!


This put a smile to my face wishing you and many other of our community a happy new year and a merry Christmas for those celebrating.


I always have an open door policy if ya like to talk!


Merry Christmas, Marc. :)


When it comes to Mental Health, I personally have been through stress and other kinds of issues regarding that last year around this time, slightly before Christmas. I’ll say too that @Plane-Train-TV’s words are very powerful and made me smile too. And Marc, I can relate to you too about the difficulties you’re going through.

As I said in my previous post, I have accomplished a lot this year, and one of them was to break free from my old friends who only gave me a hard time by calling me disrespectful and discriminatory names and such based on my skin-color, ethnicity, and religion, you name it, all the things they could throw, they did. I since the beginning of this year went through a rigorous amount of changes. Starting with blocking them out on all social media platforms to changing my phone number to personally grown stronger, to be able to handle pain and hatred.

I wouldn’t let their negative words effect me, so I set up goals, and one of them was to, be more social and talkative, which after 12 months later have achieved up a greater 80%. I put my worries and stress behind, I don’t have time to deal with people like them and feel bad all the time. You could say that I put an end to the bullying, (if you’d call that) after a time, when things went all off the tracks.

In Sweden, school works such as you begin a new school year after summer, so I spent my Autumn term last year, 2017 in feeling anxious and worried all the time, don’t know how to break free from my old friends, don’t know how to really carry on. So after the changes I made starting Spring term, 2018, which began in January, I also started making more new friends in High school which I had begun in 2017 August, but back then I didn’t talk much and made 2 or 3 friends at max.

Nearing my B-Day this year, around April I befriended this girl, who today is one my best friends I’ve ever had. I realized after a while that she has problems at home with her family, and has had difficulties in the past, especially her mother has experienced many kinds of violence. Me at that time, not that experienced or don’t what I can do, did although spend time with her, was there, someone who’d listen to her and give advice. But all would change nearing Summer. I made a few peculiar choices of words which only hurt me in the end. But I feel like, that has had a positive effect in the long run. We’re talking 5 moths later, today, I have on my spare time read books after books about psychology, and had hours and hours of long talks with my dad about psychology since he’s a psychiatrist. His words and advice, which I’ve combined with my own thoughts has made massive improvements in who I am today.

Rather crying, being afraid and laying low when someone dominates. I stand up, telling them how it really is and state the obvious facts when they don’t seem to find them. I remain calm and collected, don’t burst out in flames and regret while they quiet down knowing they don’t know better cuz they just played themselves a foul game. I have low-key studied onto Psychology of the human being, both Male, Female, Unisex and all kinds of way thinking who you are. I have dug deep into how a certain person may feel or think and way depending on their situation.

I know, it’s a lot to read, but if you made it this far, then Thank You a lot for doing so, it means more than any of you could ever imagine, so let me round this off quickly :)

I have today 9 very close friends with different traits. I feel at peace when I’m with them. Some of them I know have gone through Mental health issues in the past, which still lingers till this day. Some still have. Once you experience difficulties mentally, then it’s stuck there, but only you can with all your strength break out of it. So as of now, I’m more experienced in more areas of the human psychology than I was before, than what I have experienced myself. Because what I went through wasn’t as bad as what others have, and since I can adapt to basically any situation, therefore I can assist anyone at anytime. I have a friend today, she actually went through massive difficulties but overcame them this summer, very strong of her. The other girl I talked about earlier with family issues, feeling infinite times better. They don’t all always says thanks to me, but I can see in the eyes that they appreciate what I do for them.

All it takes is You, Sitting down with them, Somewhere they feel safe, Lending your time and Listening to them with both of your ears and you could be saving life’s. Those friends and many more I have, al with more or less difficulties, they seek help from me, and I’m there for another 1.5 years till High School lasts, but then as we part our ways, they must stand tall again on their own, that’s what I’m helping them to do, but I’ll always be there for my friends no matter what, and my family, well my little brother is currently going through dark times, but after talking to me he’s on his way to brighter days.

I’ll stop here, and I may of you guys want, continue on this story of mine, but make sure to share yours to, IF you want, no one is forcing you spit it out, but REMEMBER, my PM is always, always open. And in case of you needing someone to talk or just listen to what you have to say, I’ll be listening till the end of the day, even going into the night. I might not be able to give any world class advice but I hope my words, what I can do for you reaches and helps you along the way :)

Fly High, Fly Far // JR

Oh snap, I forgot… Some of you community members have helped me to regarding a incident this summer, Special thanks to @anon93248082, @George, @DiamondGaming4 and @KPIT. And then there’s like the rest of the community to thank for all the great ideas, inspiration, advice and assistance you all have given me about anything from just being who you are and living you life to how to properly use ATC in IF ;)

Also @Marc, you too deserve a thanks for helping me find my creativity again, to be original, to be who you want to be. I can say, words, even the simplest things you say can make a whole life change for someone else :D


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You are wise beyond your years.
Stay strong and true to your ideals as you fly thru life.
Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas.


Thank You for the kind words and Merry Christmas to you as well :) 🎄🎁

I got plenty more packages full of words to say, but to keep it short and not write a Parliamentary Law Testimony, I try to narrow it all down as much as possible, yet it becomes quite long, whoops 😅


All this fuzzy stuff makes me want to shed a tear…

Happy Holidays! It is wonderful to meet so many people from around the globe. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Have an extra slice of pie on Tuesday!


“tis the season to be jolly fra la la la la la la la la!”

Marry Christmas and a happy new year Marc thanks for sharing this! ;)

Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo! -AZA ;)

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