Dear atc Sean D (Boston 2013) Miami tower

Since everyone wants to keep this sim as real life as possible, atc should know a couple of do’s and don’ts.

The scenario:

I was on short final, cleared to land and about 20yards away from the touchdown markers(started my flare)I was asked to do a 360 deg turn. Now ask yourself, how is that even possible at 500ft in a 777 at 180kts. You can’t do that mate! You can ask me to go around which I would’ve complied with. And to top it off I was told that I didn’t comply.

In short dear ATCs please use common sense. Don’t ask me or anyone else to do 360 deg turn 500ft off the ground and don’t ask me to descent down to 8000ft 70miles from my destination airport especially when the airspace is not busy.

That is all.

Happy landings folks.


This forum needs a popcorn smiley :smiley:


Agreed. Lol

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Good to know. Thanks. And I have to agree with you that the so cal ct are really really good. Just wanted a change since I fly at so cal the most.

I usually only fly in the adv server, but that day I could’ve been in the atc playground.

The Pilot in Command (PIC) has the Dot and never forget it! Max Sends

Yup. When I didn’t see any ac near the runway environment(or else would’ve gone around) I proceeded with my landing and then got asked to follow instructions lol