Dealing with Reports

Good Day all. Recently, I have seen a lot of posts about people getting reported, and not knowing why. Just to remind you all, making a topic about getting reported is unnecessary, and clogs up the forum. When you are reported, the first thing you should do is finish your flight. Then, come to the forum, and PM the person who you were reported by. If you are having trouble finding out whom that person is, you should then create a topic requesting help to find that person, and not creating a topic about the ghost itself.

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It has been brought up many times already and there are already many tutorials out there regarding how to appeal a report. No need for another one…


I see what you did there.

You may have forgotten to link this topic:


99% of the people who make posts as aforementioned make an account just to complain. It’s unlikely they’ll ever browse here again.

There’d be a really easy way to end all of them.

They’ll never let us do it, but I promise they’d slow to a trickle real fast:

If we got to actually show the images from the replay to match up against their story (spoiler alert: they never do) in their public thread, they’d quit doing it.

We won’t, because we don’t call out Pilots in public, but still. (Were the reverse only true…)


If they call you out on a public forum… shouldn’t the same thing happen to them? Not saying you should go down to their level or anything… Haha, only kidding. In my experience, it’s much better to contact the controller privately for anyone that manages to read this reply.

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