Dealing with reports

Is this forum the only way reports/ghostings can be queried/dealt with?

If a user wasn’t aware of or didn’t want to make a forum account how would they resolve being reported which can sometimes be done in error?

It doesn’t really mention this anywhere when purchasing the game or monthly subscription but it seems a user is forced to make an account on the forum - should it not be resolved on the app somehow - however that may be? Plus to even make a post on here/message a mod you have to build your ‘trust level’ which basically means you have to use the forum for a short while before you could even attempt resolving any issues? (Correct me if I’m wrong)

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A.) Yes. All IFATC Controllers must be apart of the IFC in order to be in IFATC. IFC is the main source for people to reach out to these controllers.

B.) If a Pilot doesn’t reach out via IFC to the controller… Nothing will be done and they will have to deal with the ghosting

NOTE: All loading screen messages include the Forums web address. Infinite Flight clearly indicates that all users should join this community forum in order to better themselves as a pilot (#tutorials), have a say in what is next for Infinite Flight (#features), and interact with other users.

So while it isn’t required to join the community forum… There’s a lot of benefits of doing so.

C.) If a System was to be put into place to contact ATC… Pilots would most likely misuse the system.

D.) Gaining TL1 is quite easy and you can gain it quickly. Once you are TL1 you are able to utilize the PM feature. While you are still TL0, people are encouraged to make a topic to have the controller get in touch with you.

If I didn’t answer any of your questions to par, please let me know

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Thanks for the response.

So basically if you want to query a report which may have been done completely in error in fact, you are forced to be part of IFC? I.e. this is the only way to resolve anything?

Also I don’t agree that users misusing any in-app messaging service be a reason for there to not be one. If somebody actually did do this there’s no reason why they couldn’t be ghosted for it.

Yes. That is the current process of things as this currently being the only place where all the controllers is to be found.

For the first questions yes, there are no other ways.

Well, we have IFC so that’s kind of a nice place to do that.

Is the fact you can be reported/ghosted on the online server and that an IFC account is required to resolve any issue with IFATC made clear when purchasing monthly subscription/online access?

No, it’s not. But Expert server isn’t a granted right that comes with purchasing your subscription either as it requires grading.

I refer a lot of people to the community who contacts us via e-mail, and it’s generally not a problem. 99/100 completely understands the reason why and gets their inquiries resolved one way or the other.

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Are those facts (regarding ghosting and ifc requirement) made clear when you grade up/allowed access to expert server?

No, and you’re very well aware of that i suspect. But it’s worked well in the past, and still does. You managed to find your way here as well ;)

I’d say the facts of potentially being ghosted are made pretty clear. On the page where you can choose between casual, training and expert it says it quiet clearly.

I’ve never seen anywhere it mention that any issues must be dealt with via IFC though. A user mentioned the referring to tutorials message etc but that could be made clearer do you think?

You’re right about the server description.

I wouldn’t say adding such a thing to the tutorial message would help, but there are other & better places. You actually gave me an idea…

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Yeah I didn’t mean altering the tutorial message sorry. I meant the fact you have to resolve issues on expert/with an ATC via IFC could be made clearer somewhere I.e. loading screens for example

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Yep. I agree, I’ll work on something and address this in the team.


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