Deakin_pope's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Passed Written]

Hey everyone I have passed my written test and I am wanting to have some practice. Stop by and do some patterns if you want! (Note this is my first session so it will not he perfect but it should be good!)

I am open at KSSC

I’m dropping by in a few.

No worries, if you passed the written test, then only you need to adapt it when controlling. ;)

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The Spitfire wasn’t a good option lol. Coming back.

BTW, the back taxi is not needed. I have plenty of runway remaining ;)

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Thank you I was confused on that one thing I should have taken the distance you had into consideration. But see you back in a minute!

Hi 👋🏻

I’ll go in a few minutes :)


-On the runway change [23:38], I only recieved a clearence. That’s not the right way to issue a runway change. On every runway change, you must issue a pattern entry, a sequence (if required), and a clearence. This also applies to inbounds (without approach services) and planes who had Radar Vectors with an approach frequency.
-A slightly early exit command. Try to aim at 40kts for GA aircraft and 60 for jets.
-Also, what I’ve commented above.

Well done today. Keep it up!

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Thank you! The only problem i came into is how to do the runway change, thank you for coming out!

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Update: Facility closing in 10 minutes

No issues for me, keep the great work!

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Thank you!!

Pls feel free to tag me next time you

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Will tag you later on today when I have my next session!!

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@Noah_Hunt @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @JetSuperior5192

Open @KSSC

We’ve got some strong winds but I think you skilled pilots can handle it!

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I’ll come by in a minute

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Sorry I’m so late, was controlling SNA here I come.

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Are you still open?

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May I turn base pretty please?


I am still open

I gave clearence already