Deadheading with Gordon Pt. 4 (Turkey Day)

DL 1081 (MSP-ATL)
2hrs 19mins
Airbus A321-200

Today, I deadheaded from Minneapolis down to Atlanta!! I wasn’t suppose to deadhead but unfortunately, delta canceled my original flight 🤷🏾‍♂️ This flight went very well, however, I missed flying the 737 😂 The A321 must have some strong engines because it gains speed while taxiing with 0% power. I felt like I had to ride the brakes the whole taxi 😂 The landing was normal, I wouldn’t call it butter 😬 and the flight was pretty turbulent. The A321 handled the turbulence better than the 737, in my opinion. However, I’d still choose my 737 any day of the year 😊 Anyway, Happy thanksgiving to my amazing supporters and I hope that you all have a great thanksgiving!!

  1. LiveFlight tracking

  1. Preparing for departure at MSP’s gate G14

  1. Takeoff from runway 30L

  1. Climbing out of Minneapolis with MSP in the background. Views from first class

  1. On downwind into Atlanta. Views from main cabin

  1. Final approach onto runway 26R

  1. Slowing down on runway 26R

  1. Shutting down at ATL’s gate B27

  1. LiveFlight approach

  1. The original flight that I was supposed to fly

Great photos, esp that nice glideslope of 3° ;)

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Happy Thanksgiving! Nice shots.


Thank you!! I haven’t quite come around to understand the degrees in aviation 😂

Same to you and I appreciate that 😁

I can help sometime if you’d like. PM me whenever you might have a question.

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Certainly will!!

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Nice shots! Love the cabin views

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Thank you and me too!! Thank god for the new drone camera

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What is this ? DO i smelll a new 50 part series?

also beautiful photos

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No, you’re late 😂 this series has been around for a good portion of time. The deadheading series is gonna end when the flying with Gordon series ends.

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