Deadheading with Gordon Pt. 3

DL 2422 (MCO-ATL)
1hr 34mins
Airbus A321-200

This is simply my deadheading flight after a LONG 3-day trip!! During my recent trip, I flew from ATL-SEA | SEA-LAX | LAX-MCO | then deadheaded back to ATL. This has been a long but fun trip 😁 The landing was bumpy as there was a gusty crosswind of 25kts 😬 Overall, today was a good day and I can’t complain. I’m taking a day off tomorrow, so I’ll see you all on Saturday with another “Flying with Gordon”!! Until then, be safe 😁


Wow 2 #screenshots-and-videos topics in a day! Flying A321 thats a 1st I’ve seen! Nice photos

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Hey bro!

You can only post 1 #screenshots-and-videos topic within 24 hours.

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Only because I was “deadheading” 😂 Strictly 737’s on a regular basis 😂

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