Deadheading with Gordon Pt. 2

2hrs 30mins
Airbus A330-300

Today, I finally deadheaded back to Atlanta after being idle for 3 days!! (I’ve been busy😬) Today was nothing short of amazing 🤩 The A330 is such an amazing aircraft. For it to not even be reworked, it flies dynamically!! (A rework should still definitely be done) The A330 handled turbulence well, it took sharp turns like it was nothing, and not to mention, it GREASES every single landing!! (If you don’t grease the A330, you should reconsider being a pilot 😂) anyway… I’ll be back on my baby tomorrow (B737) until then, y’all be safe!!


Love the photos and i 100% agree the a330 needs a rework 🙂

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Uhm. The A330 just got reworked. It was just not the biggest rework. Don’t you remember how it flew like before that rework?😬😂

Love the photos tough!


I don’t recall and thank you 😁

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It was a small overhaul of the physics, but nothing much. It was about a year or two ago if my memory serves me correctly.

Nice photos like always Gordon! Love checking in to see how your flights have been going.


Thank you 😁 I guess I should start paying more attention

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