Dead stick landing?

So earlier this week I watched a video about someone with no flight experience trying to land a small propeller aircraft. He kept calling to ATC Unicom that they were doing a simulated dead stick landing… my question is what is a dead stick landing? I didn’t look this up because I thought that posting the question here would offer a learning opportunity to others on the forum that don’t know as well.


A deadstick landing is a landing where you have lost all engine power. :) It’s when you are faced to land, when you are only gliding


Oh ok. But now I don’t understand why the pilot would be calling in a simulated dead stick landing when they were experimenting on whether or not a person with absolutely no flight experience could land a plane. They weren’t simulating a loss of all engine power.

My guess is that they were trying to figure out if someone with no flight experience could land a plane without engine power?

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That was part of the challenge. Most likely doing this so ARFF didn’t get called when it landed

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Makes sense, like giving the FD a heads up before a fire drill. I’d like to try one of these landings.

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Yea, seems fun

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