Deactivating Facebook

I deactivated my fb yesterday when I realized my IF login is depended on it. And I logged back in my FB just now to keep my IF account. How am I gonna change this pls…

I believe your subscription is linked to your Facebool, so you’ll have to wait to switch your subscription to another account until your subscription runs out

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That doesn’t solve the problem of losing all your stats, though…

Probably best thing to do is to have a social media account that’s separate from everything else. That way whatever you do on your main account won’t affect your subscription. I realise that doesn’t solve the issue that I pointed out at the beginning, but should you have no other option, - I’d set your IF account separately.

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I have the same issue and my subscription has ran out but I have about 200,000xp and 200 hours but want to be able to keep all of it.
I also have purchased all planes and regions so need to keep them too.
Would I be able to change my Facebook over to my new account and still keep everything?
Thanks in advance!

Please refrain from tagging the developers as per forum rules. (By the way, that’s his second account, not his main one.)

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Its possible to contact Matt via the Infinite Flight email address and he will transfer the experience and standing over as long as you remember the callsign, name and email you most recently used (I don’t think he adds the time over as he didn’t when I experienced the same problem after my gmail account was deleted)

Okay thanks, I’ll send him an email.

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Sorry, I didn’t know that there was such a rule.

Few days ago i have deleted my FB account and today i’ got a problem with IF log in

Hello, recently i got into such problem too and have got the problem resolved.

Although the account i linked to IF was disabled i was able to submit via
‘send us a message’ in the link below

I was able to get help real quick and have this settled within 2 days given different timeline issues and possibly busy work days.

Now im back on IF again with my same account and Live+ subscription but on another email.

You will be asked to provide certain screenshots as evidence to assist them, you will receive email with detailed instructions on what to produce =)

All the best!!