Deactivating Appr mode

When in appr mode and everything set, i deactivate it at 1000ft to 500 ft before landing and this transition works fine with the smaller planes.

However, with the larger planes B752 upwards, when I deactivate it, no matter what I do, it lurches forward and dives quite far below the glidescope even though I calibrate and the yoke is neutral when I deactivate the appr. The recovery of this ruins any chance of a perfect landing.

Any advice on how I can control this better or avoid the nasty lurch downwards on the bigger planes?


You need to make sure that the trim is set correctly - make sure that on the trim square there is no pink bar.


I will check this thanks.

The amount of +trim we apply to the MD/DC for example, I’d have thought it would more likely pull back. This is what confuses me

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using trim helps a lot on bigger planes in my opinion try using +15 trim for landing and if u still feel like the plane still dives just put the trim up a bit more

+60-70 trim on the DC still behaves the same. It surprises me. I use trim on all the planes and usually the transition is smooth. Just the bigger ones giving me trouble.

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To add to the trim comments, another good thing to do is before you turn off the appr mode would be to calibrate your device and then dj’s me everything before you do a manual takeover. For me, making sure the trim is good and calibrating the device has always worked great.


Just don’t use APPR


Irl, are there any pink bar🍸 💗 for trim on indicators?


Said the hud view only pilot 😁

It’s called auto trim


Its done automatically in aircraft IRL. Auto trim is something we do need in Infinite Flight.


Maybe I’ve had too many drinks at the Pink Bar. Explains it all 😁


Auto trim is presumably part of the autopilot, because autopilots “don’t like” to fight the imbalance in control forces any more than humans.

So if the autopilot is continuously auto trimming to neutral, then there should be, in principle, no sudden pitch down when appr mod is deactivated (assuming you recently calibrated).

But the fact is, in some aircraft, this sudden pitch down does occur.

I was just testing deactivation of appr mode on the DC10 for several rounds of ILS approach.

I couldn’t see that any trim selection helped with the consistent nose pitch down when appr is deactivated.

The only solution I found to this consistent pitch down tendency, is simply to anticipate it (similar to cross wind control input on takeoff), and get to know how much immediate pitch up control movement is about right.

I was able to maintain fairly stable control, just by getting to know how much I need to counter control.

I haven’t found anything else that works.

Any different ideas?


Not necessarily. Depends what you are considering auto trim. The auto pilot does a lot of its flying just with trim, partly so it’s easier for the pilot to take control, but stand-alone auto trim isn’t really a thing as far as I know.

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Yeah this is generally accurate in my opinion. Infinite Flight autopilot doesn’t seem to use trim which makes the transition harder. I can confirm that in the real airplane with approach mode AP I have flown the transition is significantly easier, almost a non event other than you are now responsible for further corrections. Though to be fair a Cessna 172 auto pilot is not necessarily representative of airliners, though the principals should be the same. I would attribute this mostly to the AP flying largely with trim and I think this is done at least in part to make that transition easier wether on approach or any other phase of flight.


Yes indeed. I do feel I have the correct trim also.

As you say, it seems I need to keep practising to anticipate the dip in pitch.

Many thanks

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I don’t understand why IF dosent’t impliment auto trim as it works IRL. Seems kind off lazy to me. It’s also unrealalistic.

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There is no auto landing so you gonna have to do it manually with just vectors to follow and this is coming from a aviation maintenance technician….all aircraft’s are not equipped with auto landing so try to take control early before descent and watch out for the ground effect in which it won’t let you touch down smoothly. That bigger the wingspan the further the touchdown will be…

Therefor I stick to the Cessna citation X cause it’s adaptive.

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