Deacon_Williams’s ATC Tracking Thread [EXPERT] - [OPEN] @ EGPF

Status : Open
Airport : EGPF


I’ll stop by

you just gave me an idea for a flight, thx

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Hey @Deacon_Williams, I was N1EC, here’s my feedback.

Ground Control:
A TBM cannot be cleared for pushback, although it’s not a light aircraft, it can’t pushback. Good awareness when I taxied through grass.

Tower: All good

Pattern and sequence:
When you clear someone for touch and go after he takes off remaining in the pattern, the “make left/right traffic” is wrong, as it’s only used for a RWY change and when an aircraft is inbound for touch and go (you made this error in every clearance). Nice job with “already cleared to land avoid unnecessary reports”.
The “extend downwind, I’ll call your base” was useless. It’s called over controlling. Always trust the pilot. Then when N536NS executed a t&go you cleared me for the option again. It’s unnecessary, you clear for the option an aircraft only one time.

Overall solid first session, try to improve the things mentioned above. And try to open an airport with parallel or intersecting runaways, it’s more challenging but at the same time you can work on runway changes.

Have a good one.


I’m actually amazed you took the time to give me feedback!! I will 10000% take this on board!

To be honest, I wasn’t thinking for a moment and then realised, hold on, he’s in a TBM lol so from then I realised that you were just cleared to taxi! Taxiing through the grass is something I see regularly when practicing so it’s almost second nature to slide quickly to the bar

With “left/right traffic” I was really unsure what to use them for so, so it’s nice to be able to learn something today 🙂

I understand now, I was trying to make sure the spacing was kept myself! Now knowing that the pilot keeps that responsibility I think I’ll be using that feature less often!

I’m so grateful for the feedback that you spent your time writing for me! As I said, I will definitely take this on board and apply it to all future operations!


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Glad it helped! Have a great day 🙂

Thank you! Good night 🙂

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All GA welcome

would’ve loved to come but I’m enroute atm, feel free to tag me next time!

I’m still open @Hardlanding_Hussain

I’ll be open for a while

I dont land till 12Z :(

Do u know what time that is GMT+1

1 pm If I’m not mistaken

As said above, if you want me to open up for any reason at airports listed or with ground and tower, I’m always available to open for anyone! PM me if you want me to open for an hour or so 🙂

All come join me at Melbourne international for pattern work and departures on the training server

Come join guys, open till 1BST

Anyone joining? Will close early otherwose


How long will you be open for? Might stop by

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