De Icing Truck Collides with Alaska 737

A de icing truck collided with an Alaska Airlines 737-900 at Boston Logan international airport today… This aircraft was painted in the “More to Love” special livery. Hope she gets back into service soon. The aircraft was bound for San Diego international airport (KSAN)

Unfortunately one person was injured in the incident

Here is a picture of the aircraft involved in the incident



Here’s hoping that injured person is okay.


Heard this on the news last night as it was breaking. Glad no one was seriously hurt.

Here’s a link to a video that someone posted while on the flight.

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The cold De-Icing truck probably just wanted to get warm and be loved.

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Dang it man! The driver ruined one of my favorite Alaska liveries! Learn to drive dude!

This reminds me of an incident when a Jet Airways bus collides with Air India.

Poor bird. Beautiful livery too. :(

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