De icing Question

Wasn’t really sure where to put this since I also have a question for IF but for de icing are there people inside the plane? Or do they de ice first where there is no passengers and then come back to the gate to Load in the passengers and Can we do this in IF? There are De icing parkings in IF I don’t really park there I choose a gate but if I wanted to De ice in IF for the sake of realism what do I tell tower i usually fly in expert so yea

Yes they de ice when people are on the plane but normally do it 15 minutes before departure.

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There’s no way to request taxi to de-icing. If you requested taxi to a runway, then went to the deicing pad and sat for a bit, your taxi clearance should probably not still be applicable since the situation around you may have drastically changed. There’s really nothing in the manual on this since we don’t actually have de-icing. I would either spawn on the de-ice pad or do it at a field without active ATC if it’s that important. At the very least, requesting a second taxi will probably elicit a CHP, and no small amount of confusion; and not requesting a second taxi would potentially cause a conflict due to the change in circumstances.

Probably best left to fields which aren’t being actively controlled.

But they definitely do it as close to takeoff as possible, so the plane is loaded and ready to go.


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