De-icing procedure

Is it permitted to do the de-icing procedure in IF with active ATC? What I mean by that is that you taxi to the de-icing apron and briefly stop to “pretend” you’re getting de-iced. After that you just taxi to the runway normally.
I’m worried that ATC will get confused and wonder where I’m going because sometimes the de-icing apron isn’t necessarily on the way to the runway.


Yes you can do that but they may be quite confused but we’ve seen it before. Asking to taxi to parking before going to the de-icing pad may make it less confusing, then requesting taxi again when you want to move.


I’ve had some people tell me in the past what their intentions were and that way, I just ignored what they were doing. It might be a good idea to send a on to the controller just giving them a heads up. If they don’t see it during their session, they will see it after and it will maybe relieve the confusion


For example in Toronto the se-icing apron is here:

So if for example I was taxiing to runway 23 or 06L/R, it would create a big detour. I simply don’t wanna get reported because the controller thinks I’m taxiing to the wrong runway

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Don’t worry. You won’t be reported for that, at least I hope not. If you are, I’m sure the violation would be reversed. Like Trio said, it might be best to start taxiing and then request taxi to parking. After you finish de-icing your aircraft, request taxi again


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