I was thinking, I de-iced in EDDF when I took off from EDDF-HKJK to simulate it. What if they added De-ice? They had a thing where ATC could tell aircraft to go to a certain de-ice pad. The requirements to start the de-ice you would be if you enter the pad and stop then it will start de-icing. There is a thing at the top saying when your done. They could make the time realistic. I don’t know how long each de-ice session takes but they could make it different for bigger aircraft. I don’t see any technical areas of challenges. It seems to be the same as refueling. On the first update maybe there is no trucks to simulate it. Maybe in the future they could add a branch like IFATC. Maybe called IFDIT (infinite flight de-ice team) they can takeover the bots or simulator job when they are available at busy airports. Otherwise, when there is just a single aircraft the bots or the simulator will just take care of it. I think that this feature would make global even more realistic. Let me know what you think!

This would be a really awesome feature to have in the game


I would just spawn in at a De-Icing Pad at a airport, and then request taxi to parking, park at a gate, and resume with normal operations.

I think we need ice formations first

You can’t really de-ice when there is no ice


Agreed but hopefully more dynamic weather will come soon eg. Clouds, rain snow and maybe even ice


Although this would be awsome, like I said before and like you are saying, we need more complex weather, such as Ice and precipitation and things of that nature.


Unfortunately, most devices would become incompatible For IF.

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This would be a really nice feature feature, but FDS just isn’t ready for big project like Ice, and rain, they are working on patching up the holes in global as it is now, so in short, no.


It’s a nifty idea but so many people would “cheat” the system. Like mentioned above people would just spawn at the de-ice pad, or possibly skip de-icing completely. Also, adding IFDIT would be waaay to much too add into Infinite Flight currently. This is just my opinion, it would be interesting to see what others think.



Wow the last reply was like August last year isn’t bumping that up necroposting?

Plus this is asking for de-icer and liquid to be applied and the other one is to ask for a switch inside the aircraft that provides heat to melt the ice. 2 completely different things

Even though you’re no one you could at least have done some better investigation before commenting


Yes, it would be necroposting, and that is why a moderator has not closed down yet.

To have people de ice for you seems like a lot to me. Moast of us on the community just want to fly.

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We don’t need anything visually as far as icing. However, let’s take the main components needed to make ice… cold air and precipitation. Both things that the METAR can detect, which we have in Infinite Flight working at most airports.

Those components can be used to affect lift when being in those conditions for a period of time, therefore needing de-icing. I’m not a genius, the devs are. I’m pretty sure there’s a way that this can be figured out. I like to keep an open mind. :)

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Good idea, however de-ice would be pointless without physically having ice first. Also, a LOT of low level pilots would not understand the concept of having to taxi to a de-ice pad. Many (if not most) airports also simply de-ice at the gate.
If IF cannot yet simulate a fuel dump or real weather I can’t see the de-ice thing happening in the near future.
There’s really no point in having to taxi to the de-ice pad to spend time watching nonexistent equipment de ice nonexistent ice.

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False. Aircraft that are classified as a heavy (larger than a 757 or A321) include the ability to fuel dump. ie B787, B777, A380, etc.)

We do have real weather. We may not have clouds, but we have low level fog, real winds aloft, and METARs. Pretty real if you ask me. Keep in mind, there is always room for improvement.


@DeerCrusher Maybe I should have used a little better wording. I meant visually animating fuel dumps and rain, snow, etc.

I don’t doubt this could come in a distant future however animation wise, as of right now, it’s pretty pointless.

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this screams “please make our fps go down even more” to me tbh
like the idea but not yet


Maybe when Fritz the janitor is done sweeping, he can help out on the de-icing pad. Btw, can he clean up the 172 cockpit please.?

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That would be cool!! if it was super cold.