De Havilland Dash 8 - 100/200

The Dash 8 -100 would be fantastic in Infinite flight because it is an flexible and small aircraft. This turboprop aircraft is often used on very short flights for example on the short haul network in Norway.
With a range of 759 nm (1407 km) the cute Dash 8 - 100 is capable to land in extremely heavy weather conditions and on short runways.

The canadian produced aircraft is also capable to carry 37-40 passengers and is equipped with PW120A (Pratt & Withney) engines. The production of the aircraft started in 1984.

More facts:

Maximum speed: 487km/h
Wingspan: 25,9 m
Length: 22,3 m

This may already be an requested aircraft.

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Bombardier Q100
Bombardier Q200


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Does not this thread below already include all Dash 8 variants?

The one on the Dash-8 Q200 dates back to 2016 while the one you show is from 2018

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