DCT option

Hello! This post is for developers to rework the DCT option. This is because when I try to go from my current position to a waypoint, the A / P sends me to where the route line is and not from my current position to the waypoint. example in the image below. As you can see the orange arrow indicates the route that the A / P should follow and the pink line is the route made with the current DCT option. In conclusion, the DCT option now sends you to the route line before the waypoint and the real one sends you directly to the selected waypoint.

You can just cancel the waypoints up until the one you want, and the plane will go directly there, if I’m understanding your request correctly

Already in the sim. All you need to do is tap on the waypoint as found on your map and tap the “Direct” icon. It will then take you from your present position to your desired waypoint.