DCA Spotting @Gravelly Point 9-2-18

Hello IF Community!
Happy long weekend (to fellow Americans) and happy Monday to everyone else! Yesterday, to enjoy my weekend, I went around D.C. to see a couple of monuments, but mostly to planespot at DCA. It was lovely weather, except for the crazy humidity, but it did not bother me or the more than hundred others there! This was at Gravelly Point, by the way. Anyways, lets get down to the photos.

An Alaska ERJ-175 lining up on runway 19, departing for Dallas Love Field.

A Delta 757-200 also lining up on runway 19, the 752 is the second-largest airplane that serves DCA (after the 757-300)

An American Airlines A319 trying its best not to hit the thousands of seagulls hanging around the approach path, later an airport truck came over to launch a bunch of flares to scare them away.

Here you can see the throngs of people enjoying the nice weather and the planes.

A Canadian ERJ-175 landing on 19, coming from Toronto.

This JetBlue was arriving from Jacksonville, I think.

An American ERJ-145 approaching as the light begins to diminish.

Having a party watching planes take off! My kinda thing!

I trust you guys enjoyed my photos at DCA! This is a very popular spot to watch airplanes, and the seagulls provided (along with the airplanes of course) some extra entertainment. I think that they were having a kind of “Seagull Olympic Games”, in which the main event was trying not to get sucked into an airplane engine! Let me know if you guys like what you see!


Always a fun time at Gravely point!

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Wow! Stunning pictures. Maybe someday I’ll be able to take ones like these. Also really like your editing style. What do you use? Lightroom?

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I use only Apple Photos for slight editing.

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The rest is skill I assume? ;)


Those are some great pictures!


Might I ask what camera you had?

Wonderful pictures with great composition. Can’t wait to see more!

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I met up with @DeltaMD88Fan up there once. The views never get old. (I really need a good camera besides my phone)


I used my Canon EOS Rebel SL1, along with my variety of lenses.

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Thank you very much! I will try to post every time I go out.

Thank you! I am glad you liked them!

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Oooohh beautiful 757!

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Some really nice pictures you got there. 😉
Nice to see a lot of people watching planes with ya.

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Great photos! The one with the seagulls reminded me of Prestwick Airport a couple of days ago, when a swan on the runway got in the way of a departing aircraft (a Pitts Special biplane) and had to be chased away.


Wow!! That’s a fairly large group of people out there! Anyways, great pictures!! If you don’t mind me asking, what camera/lenses do you currently use?

That’s crazy! I have never seen a swan on a runway (I have seen a bald eagle before, though, and I was in a plane!).

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Thank you! I use a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with a Canon 18-55mm lens, a Tamron 24-75mm lens, and a Canon 75-300mm lens.

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