DCA Quick Spotting Session 7-26-18

Hi guys!
I was at Reagan’s concourse B waiting for my Delta A321 to depart to Atlanta, and I decided to spot inside of the terminal. I had convinced myself before I came that I would not be possible to spot because airport windows tend to be tinted weird colors, and that really screws up your whole shot. But, after getting there, the tint seemed okay, so I got my Canon out and started spotting. Because of constant rain for the week before, DCA was very wet and provided for some very interesting opportunities. Here are some of my favorites:
Air Canada ERJ-175 departing rwy 19 headed for YYZ

Alaska (Skywest ERJ-175 arriving after a 3 hour flight from Dallas Love Field

Jetblue ERJ-190 reversing on runway 19 and then taxiing to its gate

Delta A319 taxiing to its gate from MSP

Hope you guys liked the photos! If the quality is not very good, just click on the photo and it will show the full quality photo.


Great photos! Rain made it pretty awesome!


Thank you! The shots that I got yesterday did turn out better than I had thought.

That Air Canida shot looks amazing!

Awesome photos! The weather and clouds make them even more awesome!

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Beautiful photos mainly this of the Embraer of Alaska Airlines this was the one that I liked

Great pictures, I was spotting there earlier that morning

The Air Canada Embraer in the first picture, which hast just lifted off looks mindblowing, great work :)

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Thanks for spotting at DCA my home airport! It rains like everday here now!


Thank you everyone! I appreciate the positive feedback and I will be posting more now that I am TL2.

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Lol I though my flight might be delayed because on the drive down the rain was pounding down like crazy!

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