DCA new aircraft and airline additions

I would like to make a post as an update but also as a question that needs to be answered. Recently DCA has seen a lot of new additions.

Aircraft additions:
United has now brought their 757’s from Denver, making it the second airline to bring the 757 to DCA, and they’ve also brought their Boeing 737-900ER’s from O’hare. Now this is the biggest shock for me, when did they approve the 900 variants to DCA. For this to happen, DC officials need to accept the request from both the airline and manufacturer and DCA, as DCA is a heavily regulated airport for obvious reasons.

Airline addition:
Sun Country is now the newest airline to arrive and depart from DCA. Their Boeing 737-800 didn’t come from Minneapolis, last time I checked, but some small town airport out west. I’m not sure whether this was a corporate flight or a new addition, but this was a notable change.

When did this bulk additions get approved, because this all started around the same time, so if anyone knows anything about this, or have seen any other change, let us know please and thank you!


DCA has had 737-900s in the past, Delta flew them to ATL and United flew them and Alaska brought them in a couple times over the years. They just haven’t in the past few years.

Definitely a charter, Sun Country does a ton of charter flying.

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ah okay

and this is new info to me, thx

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