DCA is a magnet for special liveries @ KDCA

Guess who forgot to post again. Yeah, me 😎

Well, since I’ve got even more photos that I can post, I figured I should get this topic out of the way. Anyways, continuing on from the day I caught More To Love and Freedom One, I caught even more special liveries, and some other normal aircraft. Enjoy the photos :)

Starting us off is an A321N in the AA colors

Next up is an AA 738 about to touch down

The first special livery of this topic is the United Star Alliance 738 arriving from San Francisco

Interrupting the specials is this B6 A320

Second to last is a US Coast Guard Gulfstream arriving from somewhere

Last but definitely not least, the America West Heritage A319 showing off its splendid colors

That’s all for today but I’ve got some very cool photos of very cool planes coming up sometime soon, so keep an eye out. Adios!

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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My guy says that DCA is a magnet for special liveries, yet he starts with 2 normal ones…


GRR is on a 9 month streak of non-stop specials :), Winter the Dolphin has been based here forever. Nice shots too! I just recently spotted AA West too!

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That horizontal stab being cutoff prevents me from supporting your future topics 😞


Are you kidding me? Was that the day I was there?


Of course 😎

9 months only? Light work for DCA 🥱

Good, why not take it even more extreme and leave the IFC altogether please 😃

@Nate_Schneller what would the date be?

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Vegas is on a 16 year streak of specials. Thank Southwest.

Why haven’t you left the IFC yet?

That would be just over a week ago

I believe I was there on the 23rd

Yep. I was there. Right under the LOC for most of the time.

Sweet! I was hanging out at the boat launch

You’re so lucky! My home airport has no special liveries. lol

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Unfortunately my airport is limited to the 752 so we all have issues

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Unfortunately my airport only can handle 737s/a320s.

DCA’s largest aircraft is a 757, so we’re kinda in the same ballpark

very fortunate, the only special airplane i’ve ever seen in my home airport is the Allegheny Heritage Livery.

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Nice! That’ll be featured in one of my topics sometime soon :)

If you are tired of all of the special liveries at dca I will go there. Where I go the special liveries don’t go.

OMG saaamme! It’s so boring where I live. Despite being one of the busiest airports in the world. lol