Dca.iad.aviation's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

That’s alright, thanks!

Thanks for the good service at KMTN. The only thing I can add is just be a little later (crosswind) with the command “clear for the option” to give the pilot the opportunity to request something else but for the rest great!
Cheers Stef

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I’m still open lmao, no plans on closing quite yet!

Alright, I have decided that I will break the ATC record of 27 hours tonight!

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15 hours in and I’m still going strong! Please stop by, it’s getting boring lol

No issues on my side, good job @dca.iad.aviation

I was testing a third-party app and it seemed not very stable lol

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Thank you for stopping by! Almost had you go around when you forgot gear, but you got them down last second so I refrained

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Low pass is also allowed when you got Clear for Option, and thanks for your service

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You’re welcome

Passed this, back to regular tower ground ops

Runway change to 33, just about to pass 24 hours nonstop controlling!


Please stop by! Closing in an hour! As of this minute, I have broken @Guxk’s 27 hour on-the-dot record!

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Martin State Airport is now closed, after 28 hours and 10 minutes nonstop. Thank you to all who stopped by!


Hey! Sorry but which airport were you ATCing at? Can’t remember as I’ve been on quite a few flights!

It was KMTN

Nice! Yeah I did lots of patterns around there!