DCA Gate Spawn Issue

Hi all,

Noticed an issue when trying to select a gate at DCA today. In one of the last few updates, the new concourse was added which is great. Unfortunately, the gate size is set so the biggest plane that can spawn at any gate there is the CRJ-200, despite the gates in real life supporting all the way up to the E175 and CRJ-700 and -900. If someone from the Airport Editing Team can put this fix in, that would be great!

Screenshot of me spawning in a CRJ-700, unable to select any of the new gates (all the red circles directly behind me):

Device: iPad Pro 12.9in 3rd Gen
Operating system: iPadOS 17.4.1

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Hello, thanks for the issue report.
It’s because CRJ-200 is B category, while others from the family are C, and it causes issues.

I’ll forward it to editor, hopefully, this will be fixed in next update


Thank you for the report, and thank you for forwarding it appropriately, Alex!