DCA Facelift

Heyo Everyone!

Its been a long time since I have made a S&V topic but its finally time for one more! I have decided to take some raw photos from the newly updated KDCA. Which by the way looks AWSOME! I appreciate all the time and dedication it took the devs to make and produce all of these new airports and now giving it to us! IF is such I kind and welcoming community and dont let anyone tell you otherwise! I will be controlling KDCA all the time with the new Regions update for IFATC!

Now without further a doo… EnJoY the PhOtOs!

^^ @SB110 Sittin at the gate checking out the face-lifted DCA

^^ Generic 737 taxing out

^^ @Me checking out the new US Airways Livery on the 757 through the glass by the jetbridge! Lookin beautiful I must add!

^^ @Me and @Stellar_G sittin at the gate admiring the beautiful Tail feathers that the US Airways 757 has!

^^ @Me checking out @Stellar_G’s 757 and the beautiful ground equipment from the window.


^^ CRJ-700 on final managed to jump in the cockpit an snap a photo! The coolest one if I must say so myself. Sorry about the screen blurriness.

^^ Shot from the passenger seat of the CRJ after touchdown!

^^ Spotting @me @Stellar_G and the CRJ from the control tower! Cool to see something like windows from this view!

Thats it! Hope you enjoyed!

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All photos are unedited :) Might edit some later at a different airport!


Looks great, although the new regional terminal is just now opening up, its a shame it didnt make it into the game.

DCA gets buildings
Me: 😀😃😄😆😄😀😀😄😁😆😄😀😀😀😄😆

Nice shots Blake!

CRJs at the terminal
US Airways 757 at DCA


Ya Makes ya kinda think how often these airports will receive updates and will it be anything like IFAET.

Tanku @Smile108

I knew I was gonna trigger you dats why I did it Troll