DCA Chaos flyout/in

Fly out from DCA

Training server
Routes to take
DCA-EWR 2023-09-22T16:36:00Z2023-09-22T18:41:00Z
Fly-in routes————-——
Make your own
We need A Approach, Departure, GRND, And dca tower for atc

This is a birthday flyout for me. My birthday is this sunday 😃. Thanks to @Mort and @SamB777 For their kindness to a new IF player

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Hey there @member_of_oneworld

Unfortunately you can’t post Events at the moment because of your current trust level (TL1). You would need to be at TL2 in order to post in the Events category

ok, can we try to do it yhough

It would be harder to coordinate with the event being in General because there are certain guidelines that need to be followed that can only be accessed in the Events category like Server Tags and the “Create Event” function

See Events catrgoy for details.