DC10F underbelly beacon not working

Hi everyone,

Noticed on the new DC-10F the beacon light is not working on the underbelly of the aircraft. The light is working on the top of the plane. It works on the MD-11/F but I’m not sure if it is working on the DC-10. This isn’t a big issue but maybe can be fixed in the next update.

Despite this, these new aircraft additions are fantastic and fun to fly and I thank the developers for all the hard work they have put into these aircraft and additional features.

Cheers, Oskar

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What is the color of the light?

It’s either a glitch or it’s suppose to be like that, I tried it out and I got no light either :)

The DC-10 also doesn’t have it so I think this is how it’s suppose to be

Able to reproduce. Belly beacon does not show a flash of light.

Aircraft with the issue:

  • DC10
  • DC10F

iPad Pro 10.5"
iOS 11.2


Might want to tag a mod and let them know then.

How do I do that (I never done it before)?

No need to. We’ve seen this :)


Oh that’s easy let me show you! So to tag someone you put an “at” symbol, and then their username. I’ll use Schyllberg for an example (hope you don’t mind Seb 😀). Like this: @schyllberg. When someone is tagged they will be notified and you can click on their profile. Hope this helped 😉!

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Cheers that helps a lot!

No need to tag moderators or staff. They don’t have a magic wand to fix these sort of things. Don’t worry, staff and developers browse these topics and will fix anything necessary in priority.