Dc10f 10 air tanker

My question is what is the real purpose of this aircraft because it doesn’t do anything at least it seems but the one thing I’m confused about is that it supposed to have a water tank that opens and I can see where it opens but is there way to fill it because last time I checked IF water acts like land so could someone answer;

What does it do ther than delete the center gear

what is that I’ve established is a water tank but does it work
It clearly has a switch and a spot where it opens and I have seen I open there and nothing happens and i know the developers wouldn’t redesign the entire aircraft to make something with no purpose for one livery

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This thing saves lives and mother earth with water or flame retardants ;)

It’s almost as cool as me and @MishaCamp


This aircraft is designed for large scale fires, such as bush ones, the tank would usually hold retardant, a pinkish red powder. However they’ve probably not added the retardant affect due to it will be hard to create the particles, and will probably used to troll.

I understand that concept in real life but does it have a purpose in game

No, in the game you can’t drop water.

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Because it clearly has a switch and an animation

It has an animation of the door just no water can be dropped.

Yea so you can simulate wildland firefighting operations and be a boss when you’re flying around the Western United States.


Interesting although I will say considering the DC-10 is a large plane it would probably need to get going pretty fast to take off Irl because although it doesn’t have a hit box in infinite flight The tank sort of limits you to about 3° On ground

Not really. The end of the tank ends before the gear so you wouldn’t have to do any sort of special maneuvers.

Not in infinite flight

Although I will say that the physics of the ground in Infinite Flight are weird like if there is a hard landing the wheel goes through the ground but you can see the wheel and I feel like the same is happening with the tank so I can’t tell

You are landing too hard then. Busting your nose gear to smitherrines!


If you’re interested in this feature being simulated by way of a weight change in the aircraft’s payload, vote for the feature request here!


It’s more like the back gear when I do short final in solo mode because it starts you out 20 kn too slow

Maybe I flare too late

what??? I’m confused

That would be your main gear ;)

Use some trim and work that throttle then!